The NY Media Can Reach Down And Bite Me

Hi John Harper!   What’s cookin’ MLB network analysts? Joel Sherman, ex Yankee beat writer… Hey there! Buster Pinstripe Olney & Peter “Bastan” Gammons… nice to see you!   I’m glad you all came because I want to talk to you.  Have a seat.

I’d like to begin by telling all of you that you suck.  Either you’re legitimately awful at analyzing a situation objectively or you’re building a false impression based off the concept that antagonizing millions of Met fans will get you attention. 

Last April, with a lesser team (in my opinion) the Mets were picked by SI to go to the World Series.  Their three young pitchers all had a chance to win 15 games (although big Mike Lickmyself had the potential for an off year due to shoulder fatigue).   The Mets were coming off not one fluke season, but three in which they either went to the playoffs or lost the last day of the season.  So it’s already been established what this mix of players can do if they’re healthy.

Fast forward a year and we all know what happened. The injuries mixed with the Three Stooges act in the front office has brought us to where we are today.  John Harper thinks we have the “potential” for a 4rth place finish.  Well, if any teams loses it’s entire core through injury they’re going to suffer… so that’s a statement you can make about most teams. It’s being said to get under the skin of people like me and also to taint the average fan who doesn’t pay attention. Bascially, it’s to create more Yankee fans by making the casual fan think the Mets are awful. ANY team is awful when they have to play the AAA squad all year!  

The reality is that the Mets are the 2nd best team in the NL East the moment Jason Bay signs this deal. I don’t see how this is even debatable.  The Braves downgraded and took on older players to a team that was average to begin with last year (just check out their fan message boards if you don’t believe me), the Marlins have some nice arms but aren’t ready and the Nats collected a bunch of average players this off season and should be nice and average.   

 If the Zambrano rumors ever come to fruition, we are right there with the Phillies as we usually are.  You can’t count injuries into predictions because they’re unpredictable.  Winter is for judging on paper and on paper… we’re very competitive.   

Mike Francesa

Here's a great photo of Mikey between breaks

Your homework will be done before class! I promise Biff!

Don’t you get the feeling this team is the George McFly of the NY sports scene?   With all the positive choices they could have made to leak the Bay news to; they choose some bloated dickhead Yankee fan who Met fans dislike so he can sit on it for a day, tease the fan base and announce it as an afterthought 2 hours into his show, then ignore it the rest of the day.  Why does this team constantly make me have to use run-on-sentences??  For god’s sake have some pride Jeff !!!!!  Tell Omar if he gives Mike any more news he has to clean your toilet with a toothbrush.  Give the news to Adam Rubin (you owe him), Matt Cerrone, Linda Cohn or if it has to be WFAN; at least Boomer & Carton. 

Jason Bay

Ok, so we have a younger & healthier Delgado now that plays left and joins a really nice core.  I’m fine with it so long as Omar gets us a good #2.  The clock is on…

Posted by Nik Kolidas


2 responses to “The NY Media Can Reach Down And Bite Me

  1. Welcome back bastard – good work! ESPN, and other national columnists, love the Mets when they are winning and love to hate on them when then are losing. Yes, just last year this team was picked as major WS contenders, now nothing. Maybe it was the lost of Castro that meant so much.

  2. You forgot about Bill “Mr. Yankee” Madden, Bob “I used to work at the Post, where people could read my stuff” Klapisch, and Wally “No one read me before Newsday went to a pay site, now my family can’t even read my stuff anymore” Matthews, as pure Yankee butt-kissers and Mets’ haters in the local media….

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