The Adventures Begins Anew

Well, after my long painful winter I’m happy to see the Mets put a smile on everyone’s face and win the opener 7-1. This has been an odd offseason to say the least. The negativity from the media and fan base was off the charts, which is part of the reason why the KinersKorner gang took the sabbatical. We try to put the fun into Mets baseball, whether it be via rants, keen and unusual observations, or pointing out the lighter side of a bad situation.

The deep depression and hopelessness in the fan base, or at least the vocal minority who tend to speak out in the world of blogs or talk radio, confused me tremendously. I did not go into this season with championship dreams going through my head, but I don’t believe it is as bleak as many of my fellow fans attribute.

Perhaps the fault is mine. I never was one to look at championship asperations as the primary source of enjoyment to Mets baseball. That always seemed too much of a Yankee style type of fan. It’s one thing to hope for a championship, it’s another to expect it yearly and to bash the franchise the years they do not expect them to contend. If I was that type of fan I’d probably have changed allegiance along time ago.

I also grew up as a fan in the early 90s, in the wake of the ’92 disaster and the implosion of Generation K. If you grew up as a fan during that era, it’s hard to get down on the current team. To put it in prespective, the biggest star growing up for me was Bernard Gilkey until Todd Hundley came along.

I’m still trying to get a bugged-eye meter going.

Back to the 2010 team. I LOVE years like this one, or at least the beginning of seasons like this, much more than I do seasons where the Mets are expected to be great. It’s more exciting. More tantalizing. More entertaining. More UNPREDICTABLE.

Talk to people who are not Mets fans and show them the roster. People who are not affiliated with a Newspaper or ESPN and won’t over analyze the 2nd lefty and the 2nd utility player. You will probably not find many people who will pick them over the Phillies for the NL East, but you will find a wide range of opinion on where the Mets will finish.

Wild Card?

Wild Card Contender?

3rd Place in NL East?



And would you look at this roster? So many possibilities. The rotation after Santana is a rollercoaster ride by itself, and Oliver Perez is the Cyclone. I can picture all three of the Unholy Trinity of Perez, Pelfrey and Maine winning 15 games each as easily as I can imagine them winning 15 games combined. You don’t think that’ll be fun to watch? You’re telling me you’re not going to be glued this season to the tube to see how these 3 will perform under this pressure, the knowledge that the season rests on them?

Then there’s the lineup. Wright trying to prove the doubters wrong after his one season power drain, Bay wanting to prove to Boston that they underappreciated him, Francoer trying to prove that he truly is what he showed at the 2nd half and can be a cornerstone for the Mets, Castillo trying to prove himself to the fans AGAIN, Reyes trying to prove he can stay healthy again, ditto Beltran in May……

……are you seeing a pattern? This lineup doesn’t have a chip on it’s shoulder. It has a boulder. Once again, I love seeing how players perform under pressure. The best pressure is self-made pressure.

Then you got the kids. John Niese, who looked like he turned the corner until he tore his hamstring. Jenrry Mejia, probably the 1st time a Mets prospect was called up when no fan wanted to see it, starting his quest for the 8th inning role, plus you got guys like Ike Davis, Josh Thole, and F-mart who I’m sure will make appearances this season.

This is going to be a fun year. Successful? Perhaps not, but fun nonetheless.

Let’s take a look at something for a minute. Let’s take a look at the worst scenario. The Unholy Trinity crash and burns, the lineup struggles, the Mets finish last place. What happens? Say what you will about the Wilpons, but the one thing they can’t stand is consistent bad public relations.

If the worst scenario were to occur Manuel would be gone, Omar would be demoted fired or at least demoted (something I would like to see. The guy was a big prospect guy, make him head of scouting and get someone more managerial as GM) and you’d probably see some trades this summer or fall to rebuild and retool. Considering the payroll, the young talent, and cornerstones like Wright, Santana, Krod, and possibly Reyes, a rebuild would not take long if done right.

For a worst possible scenario, that’s not too bad in my eyes.

However, we’re through Game 1 of 162 with a 1-0 record. Wright Homered, Santana pitched well, Bay triples and the Mets beat Josh Johnson for the first time. Chapter 1 is complete, and I have no idea what to expect in the next.

Let the Mets Adventure Begin.

Posted by Robert Z


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