This is starting to look like a baseball team….

You're perfect!

As my esteemed colleague Robert stated a few days ago, the thing that pisses me off most in life has begun again.  I can’t stay away because my mind has forever misinterpreted the importance of other people playing ball.  Sure enough, I’ll spend day after day watching 25 guys, occasionally dressed like the Mets, play ball between massages and expensive steak dinners.   Each day I’ll follow pitch by pitch and let the obscenities run off my lips.  Maybe it’s a nice “Fuck you Pelfrey… knock that mother fucking dick off the plate!”  or a heartwarming “I swear Ollie if you throw one more meatball I’m going to drive to Shitty Field and take the fucking  ball away from you myself”.   The fun of my season of obsentity is that is reaches far beyond the game.  Ah the Joe Beningo rants, the hating of Big Mike and my morning bitching that Boomer and Craig can’t talk baseball for longer than a minute without talking about themselves and their endless shtick.  It’s good to feel complete again.

In the spirit of the spring let’s see how the Mets “question marks” are looking after the first few real tests.

Offense: I’m surprised how deep this team looked without Reyes or Beltran.  The awful pit in my stomach whenever a Cory Sullivan or Jeremy Reed came up with men on base is gone.  This is the first Mets team in a while that didn’t feature a few of those circa 1982 Mets hitters.  Thank god for that.   Also, I liked the Barajas signing from the start, but after seeing this guy take some cuts… I’m so freaking happy I never have to see Brain Schneider hit again.

Starters: Ok, I finally get that the lack of signing a starter was all about John Niece.  I really liked the pace he set the other night and can see him developing into a solid #3 starter maybe even this year.  I can see 7 innings and 3 runs on a start by start basis which in my 80’s mind is what a 3rd starter is. He also had this no bullshit look on his face that you KNOW the guys behind him feed off of.   Pelfrey looked good yesterday, but he’s looked good before.  Maybe if the culture of losing can be offset by Santana and Niece, Big Pelf can stop licking his hands and follow along.  I’m hoping “Not Into it” and Nutcase can pitch to a major league average till July and then who knows??

Pen: The media loved to trash this pen, but the reality is we have some live arms out there and ditching career losers like Brian Stokes can’t really hurt that much.  I hate the fact that Mejia isn’t in AA learning to start, but as a pen arm this year he is without question an asset.

Jump for joy people... we 'aint so bad after all!

Overall, I’m more optimistic about this bunch than I was when they broke camp.  They seem to get along and let’s be honest… chemistry is the main thing missing with this bunch.  The talent is there no matter what the media likes to say… it’s all about making a team out of this mess.  So far… so fucking good.  It’s nice to have something to curse about again.

Stay tuned…

Posted By Nik Kolidas


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