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I'm looking at YOU

So, you’ve noticed that the blog, much like the Mets, has taken the year off.  For some of us, a dreary team has thrown dirt on the fire that inspires us to write and for others (like me), it’s difficult to consistently reexamine negative situations and follow endless roads.  Blogs that aren’t afraid to be controversial tend to get blocked from elements that can make them more entertaining.  Perhaps in the coming offseason, the guests bloggers and members of the media that were afraid to have some fun will realize that our heart might be in a funny place, but it’s also in the right one.

Being that we’re about to pull into football season and I can switch off WFAN until next March, I figure it’s a great time to read between the lines and see if we can figure out where this team is and how to fix it.  I invite my fearless KK team to contribute to this post below, but this is coming from me.

The last month or two has really shown me why the on-field team operates the way they do.  Take the latest event in “As The Mets Turn”, as the trio of Beltran, Castillo and Moron brushed off the visit to the home for one legged men looking for that college money they were promised.   Forget the fact it was a classless move by over privileged boys and let’s look at what this reveals about their personality.

Mr. Castillo, a man who has known a dropped pop up or two was squeamish.   Keep in mind he was not being asked to fight, he was being asked to comfort people who had.   I know some 8 year old boys who would have sat on a bed with the wounded soldiers and this little Mary was too chicken shit to look at them?  If you wondered why he bunts with men on base… this is why.  Thing is, they had him for a while before they offend him a contract… didn’t they see this?  Was he a man for a month?  I’m looking at you Omar…

Mr. Moron, Oliver Perez.  How the hell did whoever actually signed him not put some sort of safety clause into this empty scrotum’s contract?  It’s not like anyone else was going to pay him and you already knew he was a head case.  I’m not going to get into it because it would be like analyzing why a dog sniffs another dogs ass… he does it because he’s a dog.  Cliff Floyd said it best on ESPN “How the hell do you give THAT GUY all that money?”  He never learned to pitch because he doesn’t want to learn…. not because he can’t.

This brings me to the king of the world, Mr. Carlos Beltran.   You can tell he already feels above the sport and is focused more on building stuff with his name on it rather than being part of a baseball team.  Forget the soldiers for a moment… your fucking team is going somewhere together… are you not on this team?  It’s no surprise the team tanked the moment the above three people came back into the locker room.  If this Roberto Clemente wanna be is back next year, he should be in right field and if he has an issue with that, tell him to forfeit his salary and go sit in his new high school.  The other players will respect the hard stance.

Truthfully, I don’t believe this team is as far away from an elite level as most people talk it up to be.  I do however have serious doubts whether management will have the stomach to do what it takes to win.  By this I’m not talking payroll, but rather allowing outside educated opinions to not only have an impact, but have the final word on the direction of the team.    We’ll find out as soon as the season ends what next year will be like.  Will the deck be reshuffled and John Ricco named the next general puppet or will Jeff take a deep breath and get a real trusted baseball man not into the mix, but rather as emperor?  The media has already embarrassed Bob Melvin out of the job (thank god), but will Jeff kneel to public outcry for Wally Backman or will he go for a proven, innovative winner like Tony Larussa or Bobby V?  Also, later in the offseason, we’ll find out if having a GM who can multitask will benefit us.  Sure, they need to get the three clowns out of here, but at the same time he needs to reshape the roster.

In my opinion you can make three moves that will increase your payroll very slightly and change the entire dynamic of the team.  First of all, dump the 3 garbage bags and string together whatever savings you can get.  If you can even get 3-4 million in relief total, you’ve won.   If you can get anything for our closer, Rocky Balboa… try and good luck with that. Duaner Sanchez was on WFAN this summer and basically accused Krod of being selfish.  If Duaner Sanchez is calling me out, I’d look in the mirror.  Next, quietly tell Prince Fielder you’re coming to get him. Trade Prince Ike Davis & someone for a number 2 starter.  The Giants need offense… maybe they’d do Matt Cain (just thinking out loud)?  Next, get Fielder and have the first year salary be a bit lower so you can handle the payroll (Don’t we have 100,000,000 coming off the payroll in 2012?).  Before you get all crazy about Ike…  we need a big stick and there’s no other way to get it.  We’ve never won anything without a big bat in the middle of the lineup.  You need to give something to get something.

That’s it.  If they get an outside GM, a proven manager, sign one bat and trade for a pitcher I think we’re the cream of the NL East.  Hmmm… or maybe I’m as crazy as Ollie.

You may start throwing tomatoes now…

Edit 9/10/20210 P.S. Think about it… Beltran linked himself with Fred going to some VA hospital and not his teammates.  This should tell you how important and above his teammates he feels.  If you ask me, that bank account of his has got him thinking he’s Princess Diana….

Also, it’s been brought to my attention that Fielder is going into his walk year.  Considering the type of contract he’ll want, you’d have to think you can get him without giving up Davis (so long as you keep quality in the deal).  That being said, I’d do a straight swap of Davis for Fielder right now.


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