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America... YOU decide!

With eyes deeply pushed into the sand, the elder Wilpon waxed poetically about responsibility and the pain of owning his beloved New York Mets.  “We’re a family business” he declares, just like the local dry cleaners that are worth a billion dollars.  We’re just like you.

I’m relieved to know how much they are just like me and feel my pain because I almost forgot I have a hundred million dollars in the bank.  Maybe Fred calls this team a “family business” to justify putting his unqualified son in a position of absolute power over Citi Field? I’m happy to know that although he has no office or direct communication with anyone, his super hearing and vision allows him to see how his son treats people and how he operates this expensive asset.  I’m also happy to know that since this is a “family business”, Wilpon family members will get important positions over qualified outside people.

I enjoyed that show yesterday.  Some of our local journalistic tigers came at the father and son super-team and delivered some hard hitting questions.  Fred was asked specifically what he feels management did wrong the last few years and after generically throwing the word “we’re responsible” out there, he settled on blaming the people he hired and the fact he hired them.  I’m so relieved to know, this was all Omar & Jerry.  The dynamic Wilpon duo did nothing wrong ever and had no involvement in anything that made this situation hard to deal with.  Thank goodness for that.

I’m also happy to hear that Jeff was able to relieve himself  after the show because he was squirming pretty bad.  So bad in fact that he could barely talk other than uttering a catch phrase or two.  He must feel dad doesn’t trust him to handle this press conference, but rest assured he trusts you Jeff.  If he didn’t, he wouldn’t let you run this billion dollar New York icon of a team without having and check and balance system over you.  You’re that good my friend.  You’re that good.

So friends, we go into the future and our leaders will hire a new man in charge.  He must possess skills, although they haven’t decided what they need.  Young old, fat, skinny, famous, anonymous; they admit they have no idea.  Maybe a search firm will find this man, maybe John Ricco (who you don’t trust to be GM) can find them… maybe Jeff can.   I can’t wait…

This morning Jeff went on with Boomer & Craig on WFAN and before Craig lost control and wasted the fan’s time to question Jeff with another non funny Al Dukes anthem, a few little nuggets came out.

Jeff does NOT think about how others around the league view him.  He clearly doesn’t realize that industry perspective is vital toward getting good people to work with you. What they think of you IS important.  He also believes the “core fans” are the rich guys who buy season tickets rather than the guy that can afford 10 games and follows the team daily.  Lowering ticket prices slightly is just a PR stunt; just raise payroll to fix the problems and people will come to the games. Lastly, he implied that he will spend whatever he needs to next year to fix this.  That’s at least what I took from his comments.

Let’s see what happens and please boys… work fast.  Good executives and managers will be snatched up fast.


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