New blood

Time to fix things

What the hell is going on here? Is this bizarro world?  Something special has been going on in Flushing and it makes me want to give Jeff a hug.  Somehow, Met nation has been heard and a dream team of executives are on board to fix this mess and make us proud to be Mets fans again.  Also, Sandy Alderson is following me on Twitter and that’s just great!

As far as the site, much like the Mets, a new energy is coming in led by the great Taryn Cooper, Ben Goldrich & Matt Fazelpoor.  They’ll join our gang and help lead the discussion through 2011.

Kiner’s Korner & The New York Mets…. soon to be out of irrelevancy together!



4 responses to “New blood

  1. After hiring Taryn Cooper, Ben Goldrich, & Matt Fazelpoor, Kiner’ is now conducting a search for web site manager.

    The list includes: Terry Collins, Ken Oberkfell, Tim Teufel, Clint Hurdle, Wally Backman (loud cheers from everyone who can remember when Back to the Future first appeared in theaters), Don Wakamatsu, DeMarlo Hale, Bob Melvin, Dave Jauss, Chip Hale, Keith Hernandez, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, James Gammon’s corpse, Bernard Gilkey’s right eye, Your Mom, Homer Simpson, Jon Stewart, Mayor Bloomber, Armando Benitez. Nolan Ryan has been contacted but has yet to get back to us.

    Bobby Valentine is has been talked about internally. Mostly how he won’t be asked to interview.

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