Eddie Kuntz

To get a glimpse of the type of behavior that’s hopfully going to change with regard to drafting players, check out the little nugget about Eddike Kuntz that’s burried in this old old John Harper article.

“The same person says this environment was created largely by Tony Bernazard, who oversaw the player development side of the organization before he was famously fired in 2009 amid reports of unprofessional conduct.

“Scouting and drafting is about an organization having trust in a philosophy,” the Mets’ person said. “There was no philosophy and there was no trust in the people being asked to evaluate players. So you had the scouting director (Rudy Terrasas) scared for his job, afraid to make a mistake, and that affected the way players were drafted.

Eddie Kunz was a perfect example. Nobody in baseball had him projected as a first-round pick, but the Mets took him because he was a reliever with an out pitch in college (at Oregon State) that some people thought might be able to help the big club quickly.

“That’s the only reason a scouting director takes a kid like that with such a high pick, because he thinks the kid can advance quickly and make him look good. But when Kunz couldn’t dominate with his sinker against better competition, he didn’t develop. It wasn’t a surprise because he didn’t have an athletic body, and he didn’t project as a high-ceiling guy. That’s the stuff that has to change.”
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/mets/2010/10/31/2010-10-31_jp_is_right_man_to_remodel_farm.html?page=1#ixzz14spD8iVG


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