The Best Is Yet To Come

What’s going on Mets fans?  My name is Matt Fazelpoor, but I usually go by Faz or Matty Faz.  This is my maiden voyage on Kiner’s Korner.  I thank Nik and the whole crew for the opportunity to write on a great site devoted to our beloved team.  I will do my best to capture the pulse and chronology of a baseball season.  We can all agree that being a baseball has become a 12 month job.  When things are going great, time flies, but these last few years have not been easy.

I am sure all of my fellow Mets brethren out there are questioning why they consciously decided to root for a team that causes more heartache than a cheating girlfriend.  We have sat around and seen a Phillies team that was non-existent ten years ago rise up and become an annual power that sells out every single game.  Of course, we have our big brothers across the city that have made playing October baseball their God-given right.  I can go on and on, but let’s not keep opening up old wounds.

In sports, things need to completely bottom out sometimes to ensure the proper changes and restructuring is done.  Having mild success, and mild failures sometimes means that band-aids are put on gaping gashes.  While we go out every day and bleed blue and orange, the ownership, management, and players have not reciprocated.  It’s been a rare case where it’s not fans or media being Monday Morning Quarterbacks.  EVERYBODY knew the flaws that this franchise had.

Well, I guess a second straight season of an empty brand new stadium late in the year, and no post-season baseball has woken up ownership.  They have acknowledged the issues with communication, and running this thing like amateur hour.  While nothing so far has shown up in our win-loss record, credibility is creeping back to Flushing.

The new sheriff in place is somebody that everybody in any circle calls a “great baseball man” and a “true professional.”  GM Sandy Alderson has already cleared a major hurdle in my book by showing that he is secure with himself by surrounding himself with great baseball people like Paul Depodesta and JP Riccardi, combined with already having quality guys like Wayne Krivsky and John Ricco in place.

Alderson has taken to blogs and Twitter and kept fans in the loop with managerial search.  He has also made no bones that adding major payroll is not too possible with the deadwood contracts that Omar left here.  And I think all fans are fine with that, and that everybody sees the bigger picture that the foundation of our organization isn’t being glued back together….it was destroyed and being re-built with the right materials.

Omar Minaya did some good things, but he basically enamored us with the big free agent signing, and never had the secondary pieces in place.  In the same way, he would show a few top prospects, while the depth of the farm system was always in question because of a questionable baseball personnel department.  Everything always seemed, well like amateur hour.  Maybe towards the end he started to “get it” and we saw solid prospects come through this season.  But it was too late.

I think all Mets fans see this thing finally heading in the right direction.  I for one, am very happy that Sandy Alderson does not care for the word autonomy.  He knows his credentials, and he knows his power.  And most importantly, he has surrounded himself with the right people which will culminate in hopefully a very solid managerial choice.

I promise all my posts will not be this long, but I wanted to give an introduction on my thoughts on things.  Comments, suggestion, criticisms are always welcome.  I am looking forward to it Mets fans.  And I think we all agree on this as the Scorpions (yes I’m a huge 80’s fan) would say….THE BEST IS  YET TO COME.

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