What’s the Big Deal with Black Jerseys Anyway?

I hear a common refrain from Metsopotamia these days.  It was evident after Charlie Samuels was fired, especially.  The common refrain afterwards was “Good, maybe when he leaves, he’ll take the black jerseys with him.”

I was surprised.  See, I consider myself a seasoned Mets fan who has paid several dues over the years with ridicule, admiration, wins, losses, triumph and ennui to go along with it.  Okay, in short hand, I am a fan true and true who bleeds Met blue.

And I don’t have a problem with the black jerseys, home or away.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I will always always prefer the home white with pinstripes with the old school blue cap with orange insignia.  However, I guess being a chick I like the variety. I think they look cool.

When I did my CitiField “Behind the Scenes” tour last year, in the clubhouse portion of the tour, the guide said that game day uniform combos were chosen by the day’s starting pitcher.  Given that my dear friend Greg Prince over at Faith and Fear in Flushing had a problem with “accuracy” in his tour by some unsuspecting intern, but I had no reason to not believe this tour guide.  However, I think a big gripe fans have are the uniform and hat combos.  That I can sympathize with.  Road grays should ALWAYS have blue caps.  I mean, it should be pleasing to the eye.  No, I do not advocate baseball uniforms being fashion friendly.  However, I do believe in progress.

I am also a New York Rangers hockey fan.  This year, they released a “Heritage” jersey, based on their jerseys from 85 years ago.  As Mets fans, we appreciate nostalgia in all forms.  My point being here once upon a time, the Rangers did redesign their logo and jerseys…as did the hated (well to me, anyway) New Jersey Devils, and I’m sure their fans were up in arms about losing those red and green vomit colored jerseys.

I guess what I want to know is whether it’s a tradition thing, or just not appreciating change.  Out of all the things we can complain about the Mets in recent years, the jerseys seemed to be the least of our concerns.  Yet I hear about it all the time.  I need to get to the bottom as to why there is such loathing amongst the population of Metsopotamia with the black jerseys.  Thoughts?

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