Talkin’ Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.  I’m sure most of us are fasting pre-bird meal for tomorrow, but it seems the rumblings are not just limited to our tummies but in the media as well.

I know this is a Mets site, but I will tie this into the Mets, I promise.  I want to talk about the local and nationwide media representation of how the Yankees are negotiating with their “super-duper-star” Derek Jeter, the “face of the franchise,” this generations’ minted “Mr. October.”  etc etc etc.  You get my drift, I’m sure.

I am from the camp that Jeter is incredibly overrated as a shortstop (Only the Yankees could have the best SS in baseball…playing THIRD BASE) and as a player.  I love the defense that “Yeah, but he has FIVE RINGS.”  Because you know, he won them all by himself.  I guess my point is that Jeter plays on a team sport, just for the most storied franchise in all of sports history.

However, as you well know, this past year was his “walk year” and well, he didn’t have a traditional “walk year” that AJ Burnett or Adrian Beltre seem to have when they are up for contract renewal.  My theory here is that Jeter has never really had to “play” for a contract.  He just needed to show up.  Couple that with the overbloated contract he signed 10 years ago.  It seems as though he and his agent, Casey Close, are expecting the Yankees to pay for those “intangibles” we hear so much about.  What he means to the Yankees brand, what he’s done over a career, etc.  No “hometown discounts,” but I thought Jeter wasn’t like Evil A-Rod, and not about the money.

So what happens if Jeter walks.  Well, I wouldn’t be the only Mets fan who had talked about Jeter being a Met.  Yes, I know we are locked up at SS for awhile providing we keep Jose Reyes around (he is my favorite player, so I really hope that).  Like I said, I just “talked” about it, I’m not for it.

My husband was listening to Mike Francesa yesterday talking about how the Mets should look into signing Jeter in an effort to bring people to the park.  Mets site Amazin Avenue was not the only fan site to ask what fans thought of Jeter in Queens.

Let’s glaze over that notion.  First of all, the only “value” I could think of in signing a guy like Jeter is that the Mets could potentially trade Reyes to a team like the Red Sox as an example and get a lot of young talent with upside in a package, since Reyes is still cheap.  Of course, most fans would revolt as well.  However, from what I can see about Sandy Alderson’s MO, that type of thinking might work in the essence that Reyes COULD be traded.  Barring the idea, of course, that I think signing a “money star” like Jeter goes against everything Alderson stands for.  Then again, Alderson is working with a large payroll so who knows.

Another thing is the fan base.  Of course, there are those Lifelong Yankees fans* (*since 1996) who claim that Jeter is worth every penny he could ever earn.  Well, their thinking is flawed and skewed, since they have been forcefed that Yankee propaganda that Jeter is the only “true” Yankee and the best since the Days of Dimaggio.  How many of those so-called fans would jump ship and start going to games in Queens.  My point is…a lot.  If the Wilpons are solely concerned with selling tickets, a name player like Jeter could theoretically bring people to the park.  Not that I would want them there.  Those bombastic knee-jerk reaction fans who try to set bathrooms on fire (I had an experience with those types at a Staten Island Yankees game).  Of course, between Jeter and David Wright, they’d certainly corner the pink hat and matching jersey market in the New York metropolitan area.  So if the Mets are truly concerned with “dollar signs” then that would be the only benefit I would see to signing Jeter.

But let’s be real here.  I don’t want him, I’m sure most Mets fans scoff at the notion, and he aint leaving no Yankees, to channel my inner David Ortiz.  In fact, I was telling Subway Squawker Lisa Swan earlier in response to a piece she wrote that it wouldn’t surprise me if after all this hullabaloo with his agent in the press that he doesn’t personally negotiate with the Yankees and come to an agreement.

This is just pre-Thanksgiving drama, pure and simple, to sell newspapers and drive Internet traffic.  Talkin’ turkey, indeed.

2 responses to “Talkin’ Turkey

  1. This is the biggest sham in sports. Jeter will sign with the Yankees, they’ll kiss and make up, and we will all be nauseated for 3-4 more years.

  2. If the Mets did sign Jeter it wouldn’t shock me. We love getting players when they are close to collecting social security. The bigger the fossil the better, however I don’t see Derek Jeter as a Met.
    As much as I can’t stand the Yankees they are still one of the few franchises that like having career Yankees.

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