Castillo Era Ends in Whimper & Whines


The news we expected ever since Omar Minaya was fired has finally arrived. Luis Castillo has officially been released. The much-maligned 2B of the Mets was known for his constant injured knees, his weak power, and his declining defense during his 3 and one spring training in New York.

And a contract.

Castillo is one half of the Omar Minaya Big Mistakes left, with of course Ollie Perez hanging on by a thread to a bullpen spot. No one else offered a 4 year deal to the 2B, especially knowing his knee injury. Omar did so anyway.

Castillo had some positive moments early in his tenure that made him just overpriced, but things got worse as the injuries piled on, and his play became increasingly worse. He no longer has any range, and his fate was sealed when he dropped an easy fly ball vs the Yankees. Unless you’re a superstar and can quickly give fans something else to positively attribute to you, a play like that vs the Phillies, Braves or Yanks put you squarely in Mets fans site.

The other issue fans had with him was his attitude. He always appeared on TV to be sulking, although I will admit that those looks could just be pain. He probably should’ve been tried in other positions two years ago and made into a super utility player, but now his legs are too shot to try, and his bat doesn’t justify the attempt.

The sad part is Luis may not even realize the end is here for his career, as he is quoted in,
“I said I came here to play and you didn’t give me the chance,” Castillo told the newspaper he said in the meeting. “You didn’t use me.”

He may not have come in as the favorite but he played a very large amount of Spring Training games. Maybe he is upset about reports that Collins didn’t like him or his attitude, but you would hope Castillo would have used that as motivation and not a whine out the door.

In the end the Luis era will end quietly in a whimper. He will be remembered like other overpriced, overwhelmingly bad mistakes like Roger Cedeno. I doubt anyone will be talking about him after the first few weeks of April. We can finally move in, and see what Emaus, Murphy, Luis Hernandez and maybe eventually Reese Havens will do at the position.

Castillo career exits like his most common hits, a weak dribbler going through. No one advances.

Ollie, you’re on the clock now.

Posted by Robert Z


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