Lazy Journalism

It’s becoming increasingly evident why I would rather visit blogs for my Mets news rather than hacks in this town who are supposedly providing an “objective” view on the team.  Basically because I am reading the same thing over and over, and not a lot of in-depth analysis like I would get at some of my favorite fan sites.  It’s hard for others to get a grasp on this but just because there are fans covering the team doesn’t mean they can’t be objective.  On the contrary, I think being a fan makes bloggers MORE objective, since they can take the good with the bad.

This seems to be a recurring theme, since I wrote yesterday about how Yankees GM Brian Cashman seems to be joining in on the Hit Parade against the Mets, and by “hit parade,” I mean they just keep on comin’.  It’s no secret that the Mets have performed very very very VERY badly the last few years.  TRUST ME, we fan bloggers know about it.  However, we also see that if this team performs based on the way it was constructed, it could be a last hoorah for a team that has been plagued with a lot of “what might have beens.”

But today takes the prize.  I was reading my daily AM NY rag they give out at the train stations in the morning and found an interview with ESPN personality, Colin Cowherd.  Now to be honest, it’s very rare that I listen to sports radio simply because I’m in an office environment and can’t get good reception anywhere.  So anything I read or hear about is usually second hand.  I don’t pretend to listen to Cowflop, I mean, Cowherd but I can tell you he’s labeled as a “free-speaking” personality which basically only gives me an idea he could be licensed to be a buffoon.

In any case, he had a short interview about his feelings on the Mets and Yankees.  Basically how the Yankees are “underdogs” (which makes me giggle, I mean COME ON SERIOUSLY…”underdogs?”) and that the Mets suck and need to be blown up.

Now, as I mentioned yesterday, I wrote about how Brian Cashman had accused the Mets of BAA: Bullpen Arm Abuse with Pedro Feliciano, yet he seemed to be the only one in the New York area let alone baseball that didn’t know about Pedro’s Perpetual moniker not just being a clever nickname.  But Cowherd joins in on the fun, and while he doesn’t come right out and say the Mets need to blow themselves up like some people did, he does suggest that Jose Reyes is tradeable.  Oh and that Phil Hughes on the Yankees staff is “key” (I’ll get to that in a minute – see the interview here).

So Cowherd’s pearls of wisdom included the following: The Mets need to trade Jose Reyes.  See, I love this.  First of all, he’s a free agent.  He has value.  Given the construct of the Mets new front office, something tells me that if he has a good season, they are going to try to keep him OR offer him arb, and get their draft picks.  It is not that hard to figure out.  But I just love how these journalists are taking the easy way out and just saying Jose Reyes will not be a Met after this season, thus contributing to the mob mentality that occurs when the easiest thing to say is “The Mets suck.”

And another thing that Cowherd discounts is the Mets pitching.  He says that Reyes is enigmatic so he’d move him (glad he’s not our GM), but that you can’t win in the NL without pitching.  That’s true, but he’s goes on to discount R.A. Dickey, who can easily pitch over 200 innings this year which is really all you need from your starters in the weak-hitting NL, and Mike Pelfrey…now granted, I freely admit I am a big Pelf homer, but I do acknowledge that when he’s inconsistent, it sucks.  But it goes without saying the staff is a lot better when he’s doing well…not to mention, I think Cowherd is basically taking what the MSM is saying about Pelfrey being tapped as “the ace,” when I think it’s just a technicality since I mean they needed someone to be the “#1 starter.”

Oh and he doesn’t even mention Jon Niese, who pitched a helluva game on Saturday night after having the first inning shakes, and can easily win over 15 games this year WITHOUT a lot of run support (I’ll address that in a minute).  The two Chris’s remain to be seen, but if Young stays healthy he can easily be one of the top flight starters in the NL.  But nooooo.  Let’s kick them while they’re down.

Two items of note I brought up earlier were dealing with Phil Hughes on the Yanks and the notion of run support.  If anyone followed the Yankees last season (and I don’t even follow them closely but since I’m in New York, I see it all the time), is that without run support, Phil Hughes was NOT winning 18 games last season.  In 16 games started, Hughes won 14 of those games (ND in 2) where the Yankees scored 6+ runs.  Considering his ERA was 4.19, call me crazy but that sounds more like a Steve Trachsel throwback rather than the X factor Cowherd is saying.

I mean, here’s a fun fact: AJ Burnett is being paid Oliver Perez-like money for being good for maybe two years of his entire career.  Since Burnett went 10-15 last season, wouldn’t HE be considered the so-called X-factor?  Since what I hear from everyone is that “It’s World Series or bust” for the Yankees, wouldn’t Burnett be in a sense an epic fail because they didn’t make the series last year?  Why isn’t anyone bringing up that?

Look, I know the Mets are far from perfect and it’s only game four into the season (and by the way, can we please stop with the whole “this is the first test of the season?”  It’s April, for crying out loud).  There’s a lot of baseball to be played and this team isn’t even at full strength.  I’m saddened because this is Carlos Beltran’s last season with the Mets and he’ll probably be traded at the deadline if he can bring back value here.  No one is mentioning that, just lazy journalists like Cowherd stirring up the cow crunch by saying Reyes will be traded.  He could be, but it won’t be for the reasons they state.  Reyes will get more value I believe as a FA, but I do believe that the Mets will try their best to give him a fair offer and not let him walk.

It’s getting to the point for me where I don’t even want to read the paper anymore.  My cardiologist certainly won’t like that I need to up my blood pressure meds again.

By Taryn “The Coop” Cooper


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