Punching In A Dream

We were all aware that it is no picnic being and a Mets fan, and that there are certainly very few dull moments.  This, however, is just completely crazy.  My entire life of watching/cover sports, I have consistently heard a recurring theme amongst baseball people.  That message is being able to manage the almost absurd length of the season.  This adds in the ever expanding off-season activities through the end.  Of course, in a given season, there are going to be thrills and lowlights, and everything in between.

Now that I have stated that part of the obvious, let me add this point in.  The ideal scenario is to have as much continuity and to have the least amount of things going on that grab back headlines besides simply winning ball games.  Being able to bring it day in day out for 162 is difficult enough, so any added injuries, off the field issues, ponzi schemes, disconnects between players/front office, and anything you can think of makes that marathon a grind.

Maybe it was the long off season, maybe it was hosting our podcast, and maybe it was just me looking for a fun baseball season, but I absolutely drank the kool-aid on this team.  And I do not just mean wins and losses.  The thing that I thought we would start to put behind us was the front-office gaffes and bonehead and bad baseball fundamentals.  The prevailing wisdom was it was going to be just about baseball.

I am not somebody that flies off the handle and as I write this, (knock on wood), the Mets are in the midst of a 4 game winning streak, but you can’t even make up this first month.  Terrible fundamentals, piss poor clutch hitting, gutless pitching in big spots, and of course more injuries all have been part of the early storyline.  I could even deal with losses as long as things got away from the dramatic and heartwrenching way of things that we have all unfortunately had to deal with the last few years.

This probably sounds like a very odd argument, but though I drank some kool-aid, I am not expecting a World Series.  My expectations are to be in the Wild Card hunt, but more importantly, to quietly build the proper product of baseball and get the right philosophies in place with this new regime while we take a year to get the financials in order.  My biggest fear was after the trauma much of this roster has gone through, was to not get off to start where they immediately became a punchline……and sure enough, punchline, night after night.

Every Mets fan is probably on board with thinking that maybe the worst is just over, and getting a guy like Jason Bay back can help keep things in order.  The early returns on Terry Collins from my point of view is that the team does care, and has played with more intensity.  The fundies just have not been there yet nor has the ability to get the HUGE hit.

I know this is very early on, and the last few days have given me optimism that things could get back on the right track, albeit, against a bad D-Backs team.  I just hope this bad dream of constant negativity comes to a halt, and things are just focused on baseball….and the day in day out reclamation of this franchise.  Not potshots from every media outlet and every Met hater.

Big week ahead….Let’s get on a roll and be hot when we get get to Philly….and LET’S GO METS!


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