SNY & YES Can Add Luster & Legends to Subway Series

The common theme for most, including myself, is that the regular season Subway Series has lost a lot of its luster. Theories attributed have included the Mets malaise the last few seasons, the 2000 World Series making the regular season seem tame (don’t buy that. If that’s the case we wouldn’t care about Yanks-Sox or Mets-Braves during regular season) to unbalanced schedules.

The inter-league series is too much of a money maker to ever be dismissed. I am of the opinion we will see realignment of NL and AL into eastern and western divisions before we see inter-league gone. There’s just too much money left on the table.

The job of any entertainment industry is to try to find a way to spice up what some count as boring. It is why graphics, in-game interviews, and other gimmicks have been added to MLB broadcasts. SNY & YES have continually left opportunities to create interest fall by the wayside.

During sweeps one will often see guest stars on TV shows, and will sometimes create crossovers between two shows. Most often it’s on the same network, but there have been multiple occasions where two seperate networks had characters cross over to create interest and awareness, even if it means possibly creating customers for the competition like the crossover between Homicide (NBC) and X-files (FOX).

The Mets & Yankees have had very few trades between the two teams, but many established and star players have coached and managed both teams, including Joe Torre, Yogi Berra, Tom Seaver, Doc Gooden, David Cone, Al Leiter, Daryl Strawberry, Robin Ventura, Lee Mazzili, Willie Randolph, John Olerud, and “favorite” Armando Benitez, among others.

Al Leiter is a current analyst for YES, while Lee Mazzili does Pre-and-Post games for SNY (ironically considering Leiter is remembered as a Met while Mazzili is more affiliated with the Yankees). A trade of announcers for even a few innings would provide insight into the other team, while still keeping a NY perspective. It also gives them a chance to connect with the other fan base, and speak of the differences between the organizations both as a player and an announcer.

A shared simulcast would also draw interest. Creating a 3 man booth featuring one SNY representative, one YES representative, and bringing in a guest to the booth like Cone, Strawberry, or Torre who have worked behind the mic would also break the monotony. They can switch off a few innings between Gary Cohen & Michael Kay as play by play (hopefully no Home Runs when Kay is in) and Susyn Waldman & Ron Darling as color commentator.

SNY & YES can also try to work a legends booth for a few innings as part of the simulcast by bringing in with Tim Mccarver, Tom Seaver &/or Yogi Berra, legends with broadcasting experience.

There are so many opportunities to spice up the Subway Series in the booth and get some great analysis, it’s a shame that more has not been done.

Posted by Robert Z

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