The Notorious List Pre-Game Show

All-Star Week is a typically dead week in baseball.  Save the Home Run Derby and the game itself on Tuesday, there’s a lot of dead space in the sports world between the game and when one’s team starts up again.  Like the Mets, for instance, they won’t have another game till FRIDAY of this week.  So after tonight’s game on the West Coast, we won’t see Mets baseball for five full days.

And I don’t even have football or hockey or anything to keep me occupied.  Well, maybe my half-marathon training.  But that’s no fun.  I need a distraction.

And so do you, Mets fans.  In honor of All-Star Week, and like Mets blogging brethren before us (like the esteemed blolleague Metstradamus), we will be providing you The List this week (btw, see his Notorious list here).  What “List” you may ask of which we speak?

The All Notorious and Infamous Mets List.  Top 50.  This list will be open-ended for the option of reviving this next year at this time, but obviously, we won’t be bringing back 50 each year.

This list is authored by myself, The Coop, but with help from esteemed blolleagues Rusty Jr from Real Dirty Mets, Matt from the Daily Stache, Dee from Mets Writer, Ed from well, here, and Studious Metsimus fame.  We’ve also got some reactions from concerned fans such as Solly from the west coast.

Friday will be the “big day,” with the Top 10 Notorious Mets in history.  Otherwise, this is no particular order, like tomorrow’s list, with one being ranked “higher” than the other.  In my opinion, these people have achieved notoriety for unique reasons.

This list is compiled from some of the most shrug-worthy, cringe-inducing, eye-rolling, *smack my head* type of players.  We spend a lot of time romanticizing players and plays and games in Mets history.  Yet, when we look back, we probably have had more of those types of players that have these visceral reactions over time.  So this is fun and ironic and meant to be a laugh and trip down Memory Lane.

Tomorrow’s list will be the “warm up”:  The Top 10 Notorious Front Office Personnel.  In the meantime, check us out and tell a friend — follow our Facebook fan page, follow us on Twitter, and most of all, keep reading our stuff!


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