Contemplating the IFs: What If The SF Scenario Occurs?

By Taryn “The Coop” Cooper

On my semi-regular non-series “Contemplating The IFs,” I have brought up some topics to discuss on the near-term future for the Mets.  Mostly pertaining to which injured party may or may not return.

But this time, we have a very special episode, where I expand upon an idea that my friend “Blondie’s” Jake Stevens, the brains behind the Twitter account @ThereItIsJake, had at his quasi-regular festival “Jake-A-Palooza” the other night.  He calls this phenomenon the “SF Scenario.”

Though the deal itself wasn’t agreed upon until Wednesday, the fact was, most signs pointed to Carlos Beltran going to the San Francisco Giants.  Mostly, there was a coveted prospect that the Giants seemed reluctant to part with, and finally, they did part with him (Zack Wheeler).

Jake raised an interesting question though…Have at it, Jake (editor’s note: this is mostly from my memory).

“Carlos Beltran has a good relationship with Jose Reyes.  They both speak glowingly of each other.  Reyes might be one of the most impacted players by Beltran leaving.  Now, let’s say Beltran goes to San Francisco…they win another championship…they have more money to play with…Beltran stays with them, signing a contract with the Giants….

But now, Jose Reyes is a free agent at the same time.  Does Beltran have an influence on where Reyes signs, given their history and friendship?”

It seemed a little crazy at the time; yet it did give me pause to think about the future.  If you remember correctly, prior to Beltran signing with the Mets, every “expert” out there thought it was a long shot Pedro Martinez would sign with the Mets.  He did.  Then just after that, every expert again chimed in and said it was a long-shot that Beltran would sign with the Mets.  Well, he did just that.  The kicker that was thrown around mostly?  That Martinez had a handle in the “wooing” of Beltran to the Mets.

At the time, it seemed like Martinez’s signing had a larger impact as a whole because of the implication of convincing Beltran to go along with him.  While I’ll argue that the Martinez deal did more harm than good, the fact is, when most people started looking back to when Beltran was brought over, the “New Mets” was a hopeful one, but that Martinez had probably a larger hand in it than say, Omar Minaya (and especially not Tony Bernazard – just ask Carlos Delgado).

The point is…the Beltran Situation could have an impact on the Reyes Situation…which could easily turn into the “SF Scenario” that Jake describes.

It’s well-known that SF General Manager, Brian Sabean, covets Reyes.  Well, he would be in the minority if he did NOT.  Yet, there is a need for a shortstop there, now and possibly in the offseason as well.

People can point to Beltran not capitalizing on the Houston Astros’ 2004 playoff run as reason for him not to stay in San Francisco if they win…but keep in mind, the Astros just went to the NLCS, they did not win a World Series.

And if Beltran performs like he did in 2004, I have a feeling that the Giants will open their checkbook…for both players.

It’s a pipe dream that Beltran would ever return to New York.  Look, I love the guy as much as the next person, but let’s get real: he’s not getting younger, his knees are basically nonexistent, and he’s a surgery away from going from lock to the Hall of Fame to “he’s like Moises Alou.”

But Reyes…Reyes has ties to New York.  He’s raising a family here; he’s moved his parents from the Dominican Republic to stay here full time.  Reyes, when out of the David Wright spotlight, performed to his abilities and had no choice but to be seen as one of the true faces of the franchise.  Chances are, if he leaves New York, his marketability might not be as lucrative.

Yet, San Francisco could be in the position to offer him more years and/or more dollars to entice him to be on the “Back-to-Back World Champion” Giants.

There are many IFs in this scenario.  IF the Giants win another World Series.  IF they choose to pursue Beltran and he accepts a fair offer from them.  IF he woos Reyes to check out San Francisco.  IF Reyes decides he likes San Francisco sourdough bread bowls than New York pizza.

IF Reyes and Beltran want to put the band back together.

I know, a lot of things could fall into place here, or they might not.  Reyes might give the Giants a fair consideration but really really wants to stay in New York and would be willing to take a lesser contract from them.

Yet, as my buddy Jake likes to say, Mets fans need to neurotic about something.  This could be something to keep in the back of our minds till the offseason.  Till then, we’ll just do what we normally do, and pull our own eyelashes out one by one.


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