The Series You Should Be Reading!

In light of the little Mets news going on right now, and the exciting postseason (I love watching these games, especially with no Phillies nor Yankees involved), leaving most Mets bloggers with nowhere to go, nothing to write.

Of course, if you like the “Mets pornography” (aka Mets history pieces), then Mark Simon’s 1986 posts over at the ESPN Mets Blog site should keep you entertained.

I am loving getting my emails each morning about what anniversary it was (yesterday’s piece is on Lenny Dykstra’s walk-off home run in Game 3 against the Houston Astros), or some out of the box thinking (off-days are a real bitch).  Of course, no 1986 blog post is complete without some analysis on Mike Scott…(Where’s Charlie Kerfeld when you need him?).

Mike Scott holds a special place in Mets’ fans hearts, especially since he was traded away and decided to cheat AFTER he left the Mets.  He even made our Notorious List at # 35.

Remembering 1986 is fun for all Mets fans, whether you were old enough to remember or just want to bone up on some history.  Follow Mark Simon’s Twitter account and his blog at ESPN.  Good stuff.

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