Aim High

By Taryn “The Coop” Cooper

In a year where the Mets finished in fourth place, having the Nationals of all teams ahead of them in NL East standings, their dynamic shortstop Jose Reyes (who won a batting title in his last year with the team) has gone on to greener pastures…no literally, green as in money, years and the lush green of Miami, Florida…and took his talents to South Beach last night.

Can anyone blame Reyes for taking the YEARS and run? Yes, I said “years.”  Because I don’t think this about money.  We all knew the Mets wouldn’t go over five years, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.  If you want a well-rounded view of the “blame game” in Flushing, check out Adam Rubin’s piece on ESPN from today.

Jose Reyes was my favorite player in a long time for the Mets.  I try not to get too attached to players because I understand the dynamics of baseball as a business, and that there are rarely any franchise players (especially the Mets).  But it was hard to NOT like Reyes.  And because the other teams hated him, I loved it even more.

At the end of it all, if the Mets can finish in fourth place with Reyes around, they can certainly finish in fourth place without him.  If you think about it, if the Mets continue on this downward spiral, wouldn’t the cries be heard around the world about how Reyes’ contract is hindering their abilities to sign or improve elsewhere?  Oh and that the Nationals and Marlins are finishing ahead of them in the standings.

No one is more disappointed with how the Mets have been playing since basically 2007 than I am.  If you think about how great 2006 was from a fans perspective, be sure to read our blolleague Ed Leyro’s piece at Studious Metsimus on where the 2006 team is now.  It will put into perspective just how flawed this team really is and has been.

Sadly, one man does not a team make.  That doesn’t make this particular situation any less sad.  Is it Midnight Massacre worthy? No.  We’ve been at least prepared for this one for awhile.  As I told our friend Wooo on Twitter last night, Tom Seaver = Franchise, Jose Reyes = Very very very very very very good player.

We’ve overcome a lot as fans…we’ll get over this one.  Yet, the reality is, this team is going to be poorly operated for a very long time.  I was watching highlight reels of Jose Reyes sliding into second, and it just brought back so much of the joy I was able to feel while watching this team since he was a tadpole.

This will take awhile, but it’ll happen.  Eventually. I suppose.

Till then, we’ll be prepared to aim high.  ‘Cause it can’t get much lower than this right now.


7 responses to “Aim High

  1. Coop you were around when Tom Seaver left?

    With that said Jose was as much a face of the franchise as anyone..IMO…You have to always remember, this is ALL opinion driven there is no right or wrong..

    They didnt even make an offer or try?
    Thats very sad, its a shame.
    Time for them to sell the team.
    They can no longer afford it.

  2. @Frank, I didn’t mean for it to sound so “cold” (lol). I was just on a podcast and said its not doomsday. It’s not. In fact, the rumors that Murphy might be traded hit me more than Reyes did (but I think that had to do more with preparation).

  3. @Nik – We’ve been fans of this organization for a long ass time. But it hasn’t gotten better. Or it gets a little better, than doesn’t.

  4. @Kay, I was “alive” when Seaver was traded. But I don’t remember it. My dad (and my mom) said my dad cried during the news that night, but I was sound asleep in my crib. I’m not discounting Jose being the “face” of the franchise. I’ve said that myself. In fact, I was thrown under the bus several times suggesting I would rather have Reyes around than say Wright if I had to choose. If you saw Alderson’s conference yesterday, that was a defeated man. He came in thinking he had a payroll with $XX, but it’s more $XX-YY now. Things have changed, and Selig probably recommended him there because of his history with working with “distressed” assets. That’s the reality. But as I told Frank above, it’s not doomsday. We’ll persevere. I think. lol

  5. Coop, I never thought you sounded cold. I agree totally with your points here. As writers, we find it hard to be objective because we’re fans. It is a fine line. We have to remember the business aspect of it all. I liked Reyes. I will be angry when he hits a triple in Citi Field as a Marlin. But it is what it is.

    The Mets didn’t have the money. I have a source that says Alderson told media today they only have $20 million to spend TOTAL this year. If we took half of that and spent it on Reyes, we wouldn’t have been able to fill the rest of our obvious needs.

    In the long run Reyes will show signs of wear and tear and the Marlins will regret it after three or four years when they realize they have another two or three to go at $22 million a pop and no one will trade for him.

    In hindsight, we will know it was good to not sign him. The trouble is that we should have traded him in July. At least we would have had something in return, not a third round draft pick.

    As for your show. I listen. I like it. I always have. Just wondering when you may ask a certain fan from South Jersey to be on it. wink wink, nudge nudge. Anyway, this was a great and passionate article. I really enjoyed it.

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