by Taryn “The Coop” Cooper

Someone clued me in on it.

“Turn on SNY.  The 2011 Mets Yearbook is on.”


I know some people can’t stand the Mets Yearbook.  Well, I understand, kind of, because they have so few of them, we see many of them over and over and over again during rain delays and what not on SNY.  But a Mets nerd like me who likes the porn of Mets history, I always enjoy them.  Some years more than others.  Like 1984: good.  1977: bad.

But what was funny is that when they had the marathon on a few weeks ago, the 1977 yearbook was comical.  Then-manager Joe Torre spun the Midnight Massacre as the “Doug Flynn” deal.  (Don’t quote me on the player — it could have been Steve Henderson for all I remember, but it was definitely a player not named Dan Norman).  I laughed my ass off.  Possibly the most horrific deal in Mets history, to summon the post-traumatic Mets disorder of all Mets fans, spun as “Doug Flynn” or “Steve Henderson” or “Pat Zachry” (but definitely not Dan Norman).

Anyway, 2011 yearbook.  Huh.  I had to check it out.  I missed about half of it, but there was a LOT of spin in it.  For a team that finished under .500, for a team that has financial difficulties, for a team that had to trade away top talent midseason and lost their marquee player to free agency…sure, yeah! Let’s make a documentary on one our worst seasons EVAH.

But you know what…?  I kind of liked it.  They got rid of a lot of the crap and they showed a lot of the fun things.  Like the walk off on July 20th.  Yeah, that was about it.  Yet, I still liked it.  I am such a baseball fan, that I can look at the good times and be like, “They weren’t that bad, were they?”

Yes, they were Coop.  But you know what, keep feeding me the blue and orange Kool-Aid.  Cause I’ll keep drinking it.  Like an idiot.


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