Swing Out Sister

by Taryn “the Coop” Cooper

Could 2012 be Jon Niese’s breakout year?

Jon Niese looks to be a future breakout in 2012

There’s one thing for sure on the Kult of Mets Personalities podcast: we love Jonathon Niese.  We may disagree on some players, but Niese is someone we all want to see succeed as a Met.  My husband even wrote a resounding plea to Sandy Alderson to not trade him when rumors showed up that Niese was being shopped around.

I’d had a bad feeling that he might be traded, but it looks like we might be safe to see him on the Mets’ roster on Opening Day 2012.  Of course, I ordered a customized 50th anniversary patch jersey with Niese 49 on the back…so who knows.

Anyway, I hope that Sandy Alderson read this glowing review on Niese called “Sleepers and Busts” on RotoAuthority (hat tip to Mets Fever for the link…starring Denny Terrio…I keed, I keed).  I’ve busted on Dan Warthen, whom I’m convinced has incriminating photos on all Mets front office personnel which is why he’s still around, but I feel his litmus test is Niese.  Niese is a good pitcher, a lefty with a fine arsenal of pitches, who can have potential be a great pitcher.  Our own Gene Anthony categorizes him as “smart,” a pitcher who “gets it.”  And most importantly, a pitcher whom if he was on another team, we’d be saying, “We should get that guy!”  Of course, my husband says if he was doing fantasy baseball this year, he would draft Niese.

Seems like Roto-Authority is promoting the same idea.  See, I feel like Warthen is a coach who doesn’t really try to get the best out of his pitchers.  The good news is, Niese has the confidence to overcome subpar coaching.  I hope so, anyway.  Niese hasn’t regressed, though, like other pitchers (*cough, cough* Mike Pelfrey *cough, cough*), but he’s stayed at a relatively even keel for his career.  Niese could easily become the guy on the staff who everyone wants to take credit for.  If he can stay healthy (and ironically, he hasn’t been injured pitching, it’s been other weird stuff that’s happened to him), it very well could be the year Niese stands out.

So Jon, the time has come to make or break.  Move on, don’t hesitate.

It’s time for Jonathon Niese to Breakout.


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