Under The Radar

I don’t know about you, but I am really excited to see Ike Davis play this year.

For many reasons.  I feel like he’s going to have something to prove, since his season was cut short in a freak bump with David Wright last year.

We’re also in an interesting time here in the National League.  Since the premier first basemen have left the proverbial building (Albert Pujols to Anaheim, Prince Fielder to Detroit), Davis has an incredible chance to have a breakout season.

And also, to become a premier first baseman in the NL himself.  In fact, he’s projected to be a fantasy sleeper in 2012…so take a tip from your Auntie Coop.  Draft him.

Ryan Howard is coming back from an Achilles heel injury, that he suffered on the very last pitch of the NLDS last year.  He’s taking BP right now, and he’s projected to be back in May.  The home run/strike out artist though is a big threat on any fantasy roster.

After the Reds’ Joey Votto, there’s plenty of fine candidates for a 1B fantasy guy.  Michael Morse on the Washington Nationals, he could easily be a sleeper fantasy pick too.

Yet Ike has the potential to have a breakout year.  I feel like his return is easily flying under the radar for many folks, including Mets fans.  It’s easy to forget about how well he was doing prior to his bumping-into-David-Wright accident, and even in the previous year.

Let me just remind you of that…

In 2010, he played 147 games.  In 601 plate appearances, and 523 at-bats, he hit 19 home runs, 71 RBIs, and boasted a .264/.351/.440 line.  In 2011, after 36 games, 149 PAs, 129 ABs, he hit 7 HRs and 25 RBIs, with a .302/.383/.543 line.  (Source: Baseball Reference)

I know, he only played 36 games in 2011.  After 36 games in 2010,  however, in 144 PAs and 120 ABs, he had 4 HRs, 12 RBIs, and was .275/.389/.450.

Also, keep in mind that whole moving in the wall business at CitiField this year.  The joke of it is that Jason Bay and David Wright should get their swing back, but prior to that, Ike Davis was pretty much the only one who routinely hit monster shots out of the park.  Home run derby might have to change its name to IKE Derby.

So fantasy baseball GMs, I’m calling it right now.  Though I feel like if I’m calling it out, it’s gotta be easy.  Ike Davis is gonna be huge this year.  Mark it down. File it away.

And draft him.

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