Vote of Confidence…Still Can’t Find a Shirt Though

By Taryn “The Coop” Cooper

I have made no bones that I am a Jonathon Niese fan.  When I got my package for my season tickets for 2012, I had the opportunity to get a personalized 2012 Mets jersey.  What did I get?


The reason was twofold.  One of which he’s one of my faves on the team and I wanted a current player.


Now, I’m not some Johnny Come Lately that wants to bitch about every perceived slight from the Mets.  I am a Mets fan, always have been, always will be.  I’m also well aware that I can custom order shirts for any player I want.  Yet, we’re talking about a fan favorite, a guy who has been on the team since before CitiField existed.  I should be able to walk into a Mets clubhouse store or any souvenir shop at CitiField and get a Niese shirt.

It’s a travesty that I can find Justin Turner shirts.  Nothing against the guy, as I think he’s pretty cool.  I can find Josh Thole, I can find Bobby Parnell…PARNELL!! Who sucks!!

Not to mention that whole selling Brooklyn Dodgers KOUFAX jerseys in the stores over a current fan favorite Met…

Yesterday, word came out that the Mets and Niese were in talks to extend his contract with some club options to the 2017 and 2018 seasons.  I think it’s great that they are giving a vote of confidence to young Niese.  While he has had some injury issues, they were never “pitching” injuries.  He’s still young, he’s a lefty, he’s home grown.  He’s shown that he has the ability to rise above problems in game while he’s pitching.  While the extension is just basically a way to give him more money over a certain amount of years, since he was under team control for four years anyway, this might be a party line to give a vote of confidence to the OWNERS of the Mets, to let everyone know that maybe their finances are getting a little bit under control for the near-term.  I mean, at the end of the day, this isn’t a bank-breaking deal.

But it is a way to show some goodwill with a good pitcher who is still young and home grown.  Irony too?  Given the Mets’ treatment of home grown players and the way pitchers seem to be ships passing in the night in this organization, Niese has the opportunity to be included in the context of Seaver, Gooden and Koosman provided he wins an average amount of games in the tenure of his contract.

Of course, it goes without saying that the Mets do see him as part of the long-term solutions of this team, and not indicative of the problems (but of course, I went and said it anyway).

I’m happy, I’m thrilled about this prospect.  I think he has a good chance of being one of the top pitchers in Mets history in that time period.

But hey guys, marketing department, fan relations, etc: talk to Aramark, talk to whomever.

Get some Jonathon Niese shirts available in the Mets stores now.  After all, he’s part of the top three pitchers in the rotation…

And everyone in the rotation?  I can get their shirts in the stores.  Even the pitchers who suck.


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