Coop’s Crystal Ball: 2012 Edition

By Taryn “The Coop” Cooper

Welcome to the annual edition of Coop’s Crystal Ball, the post before every season that I throw some shit to the wall, and see if it sticks.

There’s not much in the prediction department but I can at least throw the stuff that I’ve talked about ad nauseum on our podcasts each week in the offseason, then some.

  • Two words: Ike Davis.  Two more words: Monster Year.
  • Jon Niese is going to have a breakout season.  Mark my words.
  • The defense on this team is not going to be great.  But as I’ve always said: Defense, Schmefense.  However, I can say with certainty that Daniel Murphy won’t be decapitated.
  • Somehow, I feel like David Wright will be extended midseason.  Jason Bay, however, will be gone by All-Star Break, along with Mike Pelfrey.
  • Lucas Duda and Ike Davis are going to be on the leaderboards for home runs in the NL, mark my words.
  • Despite all the positivity we see regarding Johan Santana, I feel like he’ll be on the DL at some point this season and will only make 20 starts.
  • I won’t say they will make the second wild card…but I do think they will keep things interesting.  81-80, with a rain out never made up (though I stole that from my husband from his predictions in 2011).
  • R.A. Dickey will continue to prove that he is, indeed, the motherfucking man.
  • I’ll be preoccupied until June, watching Stanley Cup playoffs. (Oh wait, wrong sport)

There you have it, folks: Read it, and weep!

Let’s Go Mets, and see you all at the Shea Bridge at 12;15 tomorrow!


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