Outstupiding One Another

By Taryn “The Coop” Cooper

It’s days like yesterday that make it worth sticking up for Mike Pelfrey.

Listen to any of our podcasts, and you’ll know that I’m the resident Pelfrey homer.  That doesn’t mean I don’t get annoyed by his limitations; in fact, it makes me a little more critical of his limitations and made me wonder why, after his season in 2010, why Sandy Alderson didn’t trade him when he had the chance.  I also wondered why he didn’t trade Angel Pagan, but it looks like he heard my rants by trading him in the offseason.

But it’s funny how karma works.  The guy that my friend Blondies Jake coined as being “Dumb as a box of Pagans” was seen as the smarter one, due to the mismanagement by his managers, current and former, Friday and Saturday…that led to wins that really shouldn’t have happened for either.  If that makes sense.

Then again, these last two days…didn’t make much sense.

First, it was like history repeating itself.  Remember in 2006, the Mets played the Yankees in their annual Subway Series at Shea Stadium.  The Friday night game looked to be a laugher, and a drinker, with Randy Johnson starting against Jeremi Gonzalez, the cards were stacked against the Mets for sure.  Until David Wright hit a walk-off and drove in Paul LoDuca in the bottom of the ninth…I remember leaping up and driving my cat into the other room after startling him.

But the next day was the kicker.  Billy Wagner comes in and blows a four-run lead.  In the ninth.  To the Yankees.  During the Subway Series.

I remember some dude telling, the Mets had no business winning Friday, and the Yankees had no business winning Saturday.  I guess it was karma taking care of the stupid.

I couldn’t help but think of that Saturday. I was at the game Friday night, which drained me with the idiot and disrespectful San Francisco Giants fans infiltrating MY stadium, and MY section, and then the Mets coming back and looking as though they could win it.  Bruce Bochy, in an effort to outsmart Terry Collins, made pitching changes with every pitch, practically, then won the game on a stupid move.

Same thing Saturday.  Collins, not brand loyal to his so-called “closer,” saw trouble on the horizon and felt the need to take Frank Francisco out, only to see the Luis Castillo redux but starring two new players: Ruben Tejada and Kirk Nieuwenhuis.  These games give me flashbacks and make me wonder if Post-Traumatic Mets Disorder should be classified by the psych community.

Moving right along, it was Collins who outstupided Bochy.  In one stupid move after another, the stupid moves end up winning the games.  Which leads me to Buster Posey being this delicate fragile little flower of a player.  I say BITE ME.  Part of the game is to get barreled over.  No one wants to be the nice guy.  In fact, if someone had barreled over the catcher in Friday night’s game, perhaps we’d have a two-game winning streak to talk about.

That’s neither here nor there.  Want to know the outstupided move of them all?

Collins not letting Pelfrey finish what he started.

Yeah, I said it.

Pelfrey has been known as an innings eater but whether he gives those innings as quality is up to debate, which is why I think people get annoyed with him.  That he can make you pull your hair out.  On a day where Phillip Humber pitches a perfect game for the Chicago White Sox in his first complete game and first shutout…yes, you read that right…we need a feel good story for homegrown Pelfrey…you know, the guy we kept instead of sending off to Minnesota for Johan Santana.

Pelfrey has been doing what’s expected of him and more, and Collins rewards him by giving him yet another no-decision.  You know the term “no brainer?”  Collins is just a brainer.  He didn’t think, just acted, and it could have cost them the game.  But it did cost Pelfrey of a well-earned win.

Yet, to think that Collins might not have made all those dumb-ass moves if he didn’t see Bochy try to outstupid him Friday night.

Stupid is as stupid does, I suppose.


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