I’m Crushed

By Taryn “the Coop” Cooper

Most of you know me as the girl who likes Pelfrey.  Except for just getting annoyed, like the rest of us, last season with him, for the most part I’ve managed to stay in his corner, through the good starts and the bad.

For his quick start this year, he seemed to not catch a break.  He didn’t get a well-deserved win, and ironically didn’t complain of being winded or sore on Saturday during that dog show.

Yet, I find it so telling that would possibly be his last start as a New York Met.  A start where he showed up, then got screwed by mismanagement and by his teammates.  By his manager and by the bullpen.

The one thing I do sort of regret seeing as a fan, ironically, is that Pelfrey wasn’t traded when his stock was at its highest.  We all knew it was a risk to bring him back with how up and down he was, and mostly in response to how he performed against the NL East.  Yeah, kind of a big problem when you’re a pitcher for an NL East team.

Now, I’m just crushed.

Mike Pelfrey is everything about the Mets.  He was a rushed prospect and was given way more responsibility than he should have been given at first.  He had a positive season, which looked to be a fluke when he responded with a crappy season.  Repeat twice.  I was just remarking the other day that out of all the players on the Mets since 2009, he’s the only one who hasn’t been hurt for long stretches of time.

Now he is.

As I said, it’s only fitting that Mike Pelfrey would have potentially ended his Mets career in this fashion.  Pelfrey is the cautionary tale of homegrown players now.

Don’t rush them, or you’ll get less.

Don’t overhype them, only to be disappointed by them.

Lastly, don’t support them and fall in love with them, because you’ll get your heart broken.

Oh wait.  That’s just me.  Carry on.


2 responses to “I’m Crushed

  1. I’ve got a better feeling with Sandy Alderson as our GM, Coop. “It ain’t over till it’s over,” Yogi said. Look up. Let’s not write any scripts, my friend. Best, Grub

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