¡Ganamos y eso es lo mas importante!

By Taryn “The Coop” Cooper

¡Aye carumba!  What a weekend.

But seriously, folks, it’s the month of April coming to a conclusion, and it’s bizarro baseball world, for real.

The Baltimore Orioles are currently on top of the AL East (What?), Albert Pujols has yet to hit a home run, and the Mets have kept things interesting.

I mean, all you have to do is look at the fact that Johan Santana has not won a game yet (officially) for the team, though to be quite blunt, he’s certainly put them in a great position to win each time he goes out on the mound.

But yesterday was the most hilarious situation I’ve ever witnessed.  I mean, let’s be fair here.  All you need to do is laugh sometimes, I guess to keep from crying.  Right?

Terry Collins takes Santana out of the game, and he’s lifted only after 90 pitches.  Seriously, he had a four-run lead, that should have been enough.  But who didn’t see that writing on the wall when Todd Helton gets up with bases juiced and subsequently does what everyone else is dreading he’ll do…and that’s hit a grand slam.

What’s worse?  The fact they couldn’t give Santana his well-deserved win…or that the Mets eventually did go ahead…just to allow the Rockies to tie it up again in extras???

Look, I could analyze why Santana should have gotten the win, why the Mets could have easily held onto the lead (it’s not like a grand slam has been hit never before by a Rockie in late innings to wipe out an entirely good effort by the starter), or why the sky is blue.  But I won’t.  Because May is tomorrow.  Weird things are going on in baseball.  And Johan Santana not getting a win in the month is the least of those worries.

Know why?  Because even he doesn’t care.  In fact, some people on Twitter were lamenting that the effort was ruined, but someone later said that all he cares about is the win for the team.  His win is almost secondary.

And he wrote that on his own Facebook page.  “¡Ganamos y eso es lo mas importante!”  Winning the game was more important, he wrote.

But isn’t that also bizarro baseball?  I mean, when Mora hit the grand slam, it led to Frankie Rodriguez punching his father in law, which led to management overhaul, which led to him being traded, which led to revamping the bullpen, which led to the bullpen meltdown yesterday, which led to…

A Mets win.

But isn’t that weird?


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