You Gotta Have Heart

By Taryn “The Coop” Cooper

Championships and victories are more savored in sports, and in life, especially after suffering setbacks or obstacles that make the triumph more satisfactory than if it ever came easy.

That’s the story of the lives of rooting for the Mets.

But if you look at someone like Frank Edwin “Tug” McGraw in the history of the Mets, he truly believed in the underdog, and never thought his team was in a position to lose, no matter how far out of it they seemed to be.

Tug coined the motto “Ya Gotta Believe!” in the middle of a team meeting during their miraculous 1973 stretch run, to fall short of winning the World Series that year.  Yet, he truly believed that his team had no chance of losing.

When people tell me that the Mets “celebrate” their winning teams a little too much, all I say is, look at 1973.  We celebrate that team every day, whether we’re conscious of it or not, by invoking the principle of “YGB.”

We lost Tug several years to brain cancer.  Another Mets hero, Gary Carter, was lost earlier this year to the same affliction.  When I started to talk about my childhood heroes were taken away by such a vicious disease, I started to find out that many others were affected.  Not just the person with the affliction…the families and friends too.

The Coop and Nicky the Running Bear at a Tug McGraw race last year!

Last year, I started running long distance races in hopes that I could finish a marathon some day.  Not “run super fast” or “finish in first place.”  Just “FINISH.”  But one thing was for certain…when I did do the NYC Marathon…I’d be running for charity.

And that charity is the Tug McGraw Foundation, whose goal is to assist those who are brain cancer survivors or those who suffer from neurological disorders have a better quality of life.

Well, that “some day” that I wanted to complete a marathon…is this November.  I’ve officially thrown my hat into the ring to run the NYC Marathon this November, and I’m fundraising for Team McGraw!

Here at Kiners Korner and the Kult of the Mets Personalities, we celebrate the past, present and future of the team by having guests on who were fan favorites or highlighting how the past has impacted the present and future.  Gary Carter was a guest of ours three months before he was diagnosed with brain cancer, and one year prior to his death from the affliction. Cancer sucks, and we can each do our part in helping elevate a cause to stamp it out FOR GOOD!!

Actions in the past help dictate the future.  Your actions to support fundraising for this event will help others live better lives in the future.

Won’t you consider making a donation today?

Please spread the word, and once again, here is the link to contribute again.  No donation is too small, or too large for that matter!

But I will be doing something special for Tug and Kid when I finish the race, and you should all be a part of that something special when I finish.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!

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