Man With A Mission

By Taryn “the Coop” Cooper

They often say that one’s biggest block to full success is oneself.

No one can really question David Wright’s devotion to being a New York Met.

But I have to say I’ve often wondered about his devotion to himself.

Which leads me to why I think his biggest enemy and blocker is himself.  Actually, it’s not so much of a “why.”  I just believed that he was.

Picture it: ever since you were drafted, you were touted as the next great thing in the biggest media market in the world.  Expectations are very high.  You come into a no pressure situation and perform.  People like you.  Then the team starts to build around you.  Your team becomes the biggest punch line.  Then you try to do too much to bring things back to normalcy.  Heck, even the guy you were brought up with and made into almost a sub-team had more expectations than you did.  Yet, he managed to rise to the occasion multiple times.

We remembered when you struck out with a Daniel Murphy lead-off triple in a must-win game.

It happens.  Mets fans have selective memories.

Yet, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with the turnout of David Wright this season.  Don’t call it a “comeback,” simply because he didn’t go anywhere.  The guy played with a broken back last year, and probably has some sort of thumb damage this year too.  Coupled with rumors of post-concussive syndrome from a bean ball a few years ago.

But to say that I’m surprised with his rising as a future leader of the team is an understatement.  I’m floored.  I didn’t think he had it in him.

Perhaps a few things had to happen to make that happen.

A few years ago, I had a conversation with someone who said that the team needs to be David Wright’s.  I was underwhelmed.  I thought, it’s a team effort, why does it need to be “anyone’s” team.  Say what you want about that team in the Bronx, it’s true what Brian Cashman and the Steinbrenner’s said when Derek Jeter was up for his contract renewal: “NO ONE has a bigger name than the Yankees.”

That said, I have qualms about having a team be “one” guy’s.  I have qualms about captains in baseball in general.

Not to say I want David Wright to be the captain of the team.  But to garner goodwill with the fanbase, it looks like that might be the case if the rumors are true: that Sandy Alderson wants to extend David Wright sooner rather than later.

To that I say…well done.  Now, we’ll have to see if they’ll even negotiate midseason, but you never know.  Davey has always shown himself to be a team guy, even if I thought he was trying to do too much in the past.

How funny is that the second the pressure is off, he starts off on a tear?  I see no coincidence, really. It was bound to happen, and Davey is showing me what he’s been made of all along.

There were several blocks before.  Carlos Delgado taking the dynamic of the team.  Carlos Beltran being a silent but strong guy.  Jose Reyes being a flashy dynamic player.  They got the headlines for whatever.  David Wright doesn’t have the flash or the personality of a strong, silent type.  He’s just a regular guy, like the rest of us.

And that’s why finally, he is the Mets.

2 responses to “Man With A Mission

  1. Great article, but i think you meant “pinky damage”, from his broken pinky earlier in the season.

  2. People who do not appreciate David Wright have no clue about Mets history. For the first 40 years of the franchise the Mets never had a star third baseman. It was a joke among Mets fans and around MLB. We had some ntaobles, Ed Charles, Wayne Garrett, Hubie Brooks, Edgardo Alfonso, Hoard Johnson, but Wright is head and shoulders above them all. Next to Seaver, Strawberry and Gooden he is the greatest home grown talent the Mets have ever had…even is sub-par seasons stack up among the best Mets players. I have been going to Mets games since 1971 and in my opinion Wright is one of the greatest Mets ever …if they let him go it will be like losing Seaver to the Reds in 1977.

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