What A Difference A Week Makes

By Taryn “The Coop” Cooper

Two Fridays ago, Johan Santana pitched the first no-hitter in Mets history, and was followed up by great pitching starts by R.A. Dickey and Jon Niese that same weekend.

Fast forward a week later, and the team is losing not only a series but SWEPT by the Yankees, and things weren’t looking good heading into the Sunshine State, where facing the young and good Tampa Bay Rays did not figure into too promisingly.

A lifetime and the aftermath of the series against the Cardinals, people were calling for most of the bullpen’s heads, Jason Bay to be shipped back to Canada, and Ike Davis to take a looksee in Buffalo.

Now, it’s like – what, me worry?  Dickey’s performance makes us almost forget about the fact there was a no-hitter, and that the All-Star coaches would be fools to not have him starting the game.  Kirk Nieuwenhuis is making us remember what it was like when Darryl Strawberry made his debut (ROY), and Lucas Duda is on pace to have a 100 RBI season.

And Terry Collins?  He was named to the coaching staff of the All-Star Game (but who knows how much pull he’ll have for our knuckleballer).

I had talked on several podcasts and even on this site about the goodwill after the Santana no-hitter, how it could carry over for the rest of the season.  I think someone said the Mets could lose every single game after the no-hitter, and all is right in the world after that.  Well, that’s not happening!

I guess the idea here is that, the Mets are going to win some games.  They’re going to lose some games.  But this is what baseball is all about folks.  Not necessarily the whole idea that you’ll lose 60 games, win 60 games, and the other 42 is what you make of it.  But the idea that there will be ups and downs, and ebbs and flows, and you have to kind of take them where you can.

Because a week ago, some people were ready to ship the team off to Iowa.  Sweeping the Rays may lead to something bigger, or it may not.  Just like momentum from the no-hitter may have died off, it will still be in our back pocket.  Yet, R.A. Dickey gets to throw his knuckleball every five days, David Wright is looking more like himself, Ike Davis can eventually hit over .200, and it can still scare the beejeezus out of us when Daniel Murphy or whomever is playing shortstop that day has a ball hit toward them.

A week can make a huge difference in attitude, and we’ve seen that here in just this past one.

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