Any Given Tuesday

By Taryn “The Coop” Cooper

In a day where Gaby Sanchez, Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence were traded (Ryan Dempster too), the Mets stood idly by.

What else was going to happen?

I can’t say that I truly blame Sandy Alderson for standing pat. A month ago, the Mets were in a position of strength or at least in a position to see how other teams in the NL East were going to react.

But while other teams were clear sellers or buyers, the Mets and particularly Alderson were thrown under the bus for not making a move. For the sake of making a move, I suppose.

Like the other day, Alderson apparently nixed a trade for Luke Gregerson from the Padres (46.1 IP, 48Ks, 2.91 ERA, 1.14 WHIP) for Daniel Murphy (.302 BA, 32 doubles – 2nd in NL, behind one Joey Votto). But at the expense of one of the most productive bats in the lineup?

Daniel Murphy could get you a lot more than a relief pitcher.

So where were the deals?

Here’s a thought: why would any one want to deal with the Mets, when everyone and their uncle’s cousin’s roommate knows they need bullpen help?

Lastly, I guess the market for a hot bat off the bench or platoon player in Scott Hairston, wasn’t as great as the media would think.

Sure, Sandy Alderson could have made a move. But at what expense? A bullpen arm is only as good as their last blown game. See how fast someone like Gregerson would get booed out of town as Daniel Murphy wins a ring with Texas (he seems like someone who would fit in Texas, don’t mind me).

Today was the trade deadline in MLB. To the Mets, it was just another Tuesday.

Thank goodness Alderson doesn’t listen to us goons on Twitter!

For as many trades like Carlos Beltran for Zack Wheeler, there are way too many Black Fridays or Oliver Perez and Roberto Hernandez for Xavier Nady. Reactionary deals trying to appease the masses never work for anyone, most importantly the Mets.

So yeah, the Dodgers get to enjoy Victorino (while the NL West learns to hate him) and Hunter Pence gets to ride the cable car more than I do…but the Mets stand pat.

And I, for one, am okay with it.


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