“Entire coaching staff to be back” – sometimes it’s not the news, but the delivery of it


Why do you question your supreme leader?

I can’t say can I blame the coaching staff for not magically turning minor league talent into 6 months of playoff baseball, but the issue I have here is the management of perception.  The stellar PR machine was supposed to get a tune-up from the polished Alderson machine and what Sandy didn’t prepare for was the endless and relentless focus there would be on every move he makes, or doesn’t make.  Accountability is key with this fan base and it’s likely he’s intending to attempt an annihilation of this roster in the name of accountability, maybe even more than he should.  That is, I’m sure, where the true blame for this season lies.

That said, the fans are also looking at the coaches like a pack of dogs, fairly or unfairly.  The realty is we don’t know enough about what’s going on in that hell hole to understand who should go and who shouldn’t, but as Terry says “perception is realty”.  If Sandy didn’t want to hold the coaches accountable, he needed to tell us himself and tell us why.

One of the big pet peeves this fan-base has with ownership is feeling disenfranchised and dismissed.  When things happen with the team, ownership feels it’s none of our business, even though we in essence jointly “own” this team; they own it physically and we own it emotionally (I wish our side paid more).  Without us, there is no them.   Instead of partnering with their fans, they look at us in a way that a “guy from Brooklyn” shouldn’t.

Instead of allowing us the “why” and respect of an explanation, Terry just spits out that the “house that Lucas Duda built” will be back next year.  Nobody gets canned. Cue the sarcasm and and fan rage… three…two…one…. Boom.

Really, if you want the fan base to stop over reacting or to start buying into the plan, we need to know what’s happening or at least have the guy who made whatever decision  come out and say he’s working on something.  The Wilpons have a long history of retaining bad executives/coaches/players until the entire house burns down… loyalty above winning.  Hell, loyalty above their own wallets.  We need THE decision maker to come out and tell us that this is something different; that this is part of a plan.

Is it Sandy?


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