Same Old Song

by Taryn “The Coop” Cooper


Scott Hairston doesn’t seem that bad of an option, now, does he?

For those of you keeping track at home…

Johan Santana – ETA TBD.

Shaun Marcum – out with neck pain.

Pedro Feliciano – didn’t make roster because of durability issues. (Can the Mets blame the Yankees for that though??)

No surgery for Matt den Dekker, but he’ll be wearing a cast for a bit (and he’s pretty much one of the only options in the outfield in 2013, defensively).

Daniel Murphy has had a strained intercostal muscle, and certainly hasn’t been the doubles machine he’s always been.

Oh, and that dude who has just “officially” been named Mets captain, David Wright?  He’s also hoping to be ready by the home opener.

It’s almost the opposite of Michael Corleone in the Godfather…when you think they are “in,” they get right back out.


Right now, Chris Young was released by the Washington Nationals, and perhaps the Mets will be players for him.  Or…not.  Perhaps pinning starting pitching rotation hopes on a guy who is almost perpetually injured isn’t a good idea…but he HAS been a Met for the past two seasons.

So what does this all mean?

It’s the same old song with the Mets, although the injuries are happening a bit earlier now, and not midseason.  That’s something, right?

Back in 2011, I had written a post over at Metsmerized Online on the Mets farm system. The future looked bright, but it wasn’t as close as we’d hoped. The Mets also had a habit of paying players more for NOT playing for them.  See: Perez, Oliver; Castillo, Luis; Bonilla, Bobby.  Most bad contracts, with the exception of Johan Santana, are off the books.  Clearly, there is still far to go.

But it was the same old tune then too: that there was a lack of depth in the organization.  If David Wright and Daniel Murphy aren’t good to go on April 1st, who are we relegated to?  Jordany Valdespin and Justin Turner?  At least Ike Davis hasn’t had a Valley Fever relapse…(but now that I’ve said it out loud…)

Thankfully, there seems to be some fruits of labor coming through the organization, but mostly from the recent trade with Toronto brought the Mets the young talent that we fans are banking on.

Till then, we’ll be listening to the same old Mets song about lack of depth until our prospects are good and ready to fit the bill.


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