2013 Mets Game 1: Pitcher of the Game & Position Player of the Game

Welcome to a new feature here at Kinerskorner.com. Over the course of the 162 game season we are going to give an award for Pitcher and Position Player of the Game.


As a proud member of the Kult of Mets Personalities I have had the pleasure of discussing the New York Mets with my colleagues, fellow bloggers, members of the media, and former and current players themselves. I came to realize that many, especially myself, rely very heavily on statistics to determine a player’s worth.

While for the most part this is safe, there is danger relying solely on statistical analysis. Even using basic stats like ERA, batting average, on-base percentage and others have limitations that do not truly tell you how instrumental a player was in winning the game or doing the most they can in a losing effort.

That is why this is not an MVP of the game. I am not looking for the player most valuable to the Mets in 2013, I am looking to see which players are most instrumental in a win that day. That is why there is a separate award for pitchers and position players, as you cannot win with just one.

It is also why there is not Hitter of the Game, but rather Position Player. Not always is the most important play made with the bat. It could be a defensive gem, or even the catcher if he was particularly influential with how he handled a pitcher.

Lastly an award may be given out during losses, if warranted. This is about which individuals did the most to help the team win. I am not going to discount say, an 8 inning shutout or a 3 home run game because the team lost.

At the end of the year it will be interesting to review how often each player makes the list, or how few.

And don’t worry, this should be the longest such an article will be this season. There are other sites that do a tremendous with Game Recaps. There will be just quick notes on why a player is chosen, if any.

On to Opening Day’s POTG & PPOTG:

Pitcher of the Game: Jonathan Niese


The “not-an-ace-really” of the Mets staff seemed ready to take on that moniker after 6.2 innings of 2 run ball. If Mets are to make any sort of a run this year, it will be behind young starting pitching and Niese set the tone nicely to start the season.

Position Player of the Game: Colin Cowgill

Fine I’ll say it too: GOTTA HAVE MORE COWGILL!

Pretty easy call here? Not for me. One of the new Mets “What” Outfield came up big with a 7th inning Grand Slam, but i debated whether it was really worthy of PPOTG considering Mets were up 7-2. However, I decided it was worthwhile due to circumstances. With Opening Day emotions run high, and while a 7-2 lead is good, it is not in any way insurmountable, even for the Padres. Cowgill’s slam allowed a less pressure debut for new relievers Brandon Lyon, Scott Atchinson and Scott Rice, who finally made his big league debut after 14 seasons and surely had some butterflies. Sometimes a bad start to season can carry over, so I am giving the first PPOTG to Cowgill for the Grand Slam’s carry-over effect.

Posted by Robert Z


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