Allow myself to introduce……myself

Hello, everyone!

I’m excited to join the team at Kiner’s Korner – and thank you to Coop for bringing me on board.  I thought it would be appropriate to take a brief minute to let y’all know who I am, and why I’m here.  Or, at least, why I think I’m here.

My name is Trent Sano and I live in Queensbury, NY – about 4 hours north of the City.  For clarification purposes “the City” will henceforth refer to New York City.  Of course, living in Upstate NY, the City could refer to any town with more than one stoplight, but I digress.

I live with my wife and two kids (8 and 4) and have been a Mets fan my entire life, like many – if not most – of you.  My dad was a Mets fan, his dad was….ok, I have no idea if my grandfather was a Mets fan.  He was from Staten Island so he really had two options – three if you count the Dodgers.  Anyway….

My earliest Met memory is wanting to come in from our pool during hot summer days, no matter what my family and friends were doing outside.  Drying off at around 12:45 in the afternoon, so the air conditioning wouldn’t give me a chill, and sitting down in front of the TV to watch afternoon games.  There was nothing – nothing – I enjoyed more.  It didn’t matter if I was alone, with my dad, with my friends.  I didn’t care.  That was why I loved summer.  And, now that I have my own children (one who is named Carter after “Kid” and one who’s middle name is “Shea”) I’ve done my best to instill my love of the blue and orange into them.

I think that can be best judged by the fact that my son will make a snide comment whenever we see someone wearing a Yankee shirt or hat…or ask me to give a dirty look to cars we drive by who have a Yankee bumper sticker.

I have strong opinions, which I’m sure will come out here.  I’m obsessed with Fantasy Baseball, and I love sports video games – so you’ll see some of that sprinkled in as well.

In conclusion, I’m excited to have a forum to share my Mets rants, and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it as much as I will.

Let’s go Mets.


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