Mets Expected To Be Contenders…In Sausage Consumption

It's a Sausage PartyDid you know there is a National Hot Dog and Sausage Council? You should. If you chow down on a delicious Citi Field frank or Premio Sausage they know about you.  In fact, fans of the hot beef injection at Citi Field pay the most in the majors for a bite of their Oscar Meyers. A hot dog costs a Mets fan $6.25 on game days. Pricey? Consider this, at the Ballpark at Arlington, Texas Rangers fan have the option to spend 26 dollars on a meat creation known as the Boomstick. The Boomstick weighs in at a hefty 2 pounds is covered with shredded cheese, chili, sautéed onions and sits a top a French bun. It is rumored to be named after the unruly sound made as it plops into the toilet the next day. Detroit Tigers fans enjoy the luxury of being able to eat the hell out of a deep-fried red-hot sausage if they get the urge.  In Minneapolis you might see fans munching on gigantic Turkey drumsticks if they are in the mood. While Citi Field offers a mouth-watering and eclectic sampling of in-game eating options (from Blue Smoke to Two Boots Pizza to Shake Shack and my favorite El Verano Taqueria) we haven’t had anything to really hang our hat on until now.

Boston fans lead the major leagues in sausage consumption.  An estimated 421,200 sausages are expected to be consumed this year at Fenway Park.  The New York Mets are second with estimated sausage sales of 405,000. This is where Mets fans need to draw a line in the sand. This is our best chance to come in first in anything in 2013. We need to find a way to bump up these numbers and beat the BoSox this year in devouring sausages. Don’t think for a second the Mets organization is above participating in this pork pilfering challenge. They recently embarked on a “Tweet a Ticket” promotion that essentially offered anyone with an Internet connection the chance to obtain a free single game ticket to this weekend’s game. You don’t even to have to be a Mets fan or a Mets twitter follower to get the ticket.  You just need to be savvy enough to find the public Twitter link. The Mets need to get the fans in seats regardless of how they get there. It’s not rocket science but it actually  may be good marketing. More free tickets lead to more free attendance which in turn leads to more people eating sausages in the stands! We need to do our part to ensure the Mets take first place as the rightful sausage kings of Major League baseball. How can we do it? It’s an easy three-step process.

First we get a public figure associated with both the Mets and sausage to rally around. Queue Matthew Broderick. Abe freaking Frohman himself took in Opening Day with Jerry Seinfeld on Monday. He is a singer, a dancer, but most importantly he is Ferris Bueller. Have Jay Horwitz butt dial him a couple of times and before you know it the Sausage King of Chicago will become the new Sausage King of Citi Field . Check.

Next we come up with a new twist on the old sausage and package it with a Mets fan favorite. The Mets are about to go cowboy or more accurately Go Cowgill!  We pair the sausage with some good ol country brown gravy and the More Cowgill Sausage Sandwich is born. Get Cowbell Man in on the fun and gravy will be dropping from every chin in the stadium.

The last step in the process is to find a troop of fans crazy enough to buy into the new sausage eating frenzy. Enter the rabid group of Flushing fans known as the 7line Army. If we can get Darren and all the carnivores in his crew to support the cause we won’t be stopped. The 7line has no shortage of events this year at Citi. Why not add a sausage eating contest into the mix? After watching number 4 on Monday, it’s apparent we all want and need More Cowgill. Let’s make it happen.

You want to see the Mets come in first place in 2013? This is your best shot Mets fan. Get on twitter and bombard @Mets @The7Line and harass @JerrySeinfeld  to get Broderick aboard. Let’s win the division and become the 2013 World Series sausage eating champions.

It’s the final word on Mets trends, Mets fails, and Mets happenings. It’s a snapshot, it’s a summary, it’s the Metsopsis.


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