Game 3-6: Pitcher & Position Player of The Game

Time waits for no man but sometimes it waits for a daily post. Or something like that. Here’s the Pitcher and Position Player for Game 3,4,5, and 6 of the 2013 season.

Just a reminder for those saying “but they lost Games 3 and 4.” This is not an MVP award. The purpose of these daily awards is to see which players contributed the most TOWARDS a win. Just because the team didn’t win doesn’t mean that the efforts were wasted; merely that the efforts could not overcome the subpar play of the team as a whole.

Special Thanks to Sean Engel for the Kiner’s Korner Pitcher and Position Player of the Game graphics. You can follow him on twitter with the handle @SeanEngel05.

This is an abridged version so let’s do all the pitchers together and position players together from each game. First the:


Game 3: Dillon Gee

Gee was uneven but he did well in his first start of the season, allowing a lone run in 6.1 innings pitched in the 2-1 loss. He got better as the game went along.

Game 4: Jeremy Hefner

The 7-5 score is misleading for starter Hefner. The Mets Playboy went six innings and allowed a run off a solo home run by newest Mets killer Greg Dobbs. He does not get a lot of attention from the media but his teammates and coaches have been talking him up all year, and advanced statistics suggest he may be better that we expect. Someone to keep an eye on.

Check out this article from Amazin Avenue for more on Hefner.

Game 5: Jonathan Niese

He wasn’t as sharp as Opening Day, but six innings, 2 runs, and one earned will get you little complaints. Honorable mention goes to Lyon and Parnell who completely locked down the 8th and 9th after the Mets broke through in the seventh. Many fans hope we will be saying that often after last year’s debacles.

Game 6: Scott Atchinson

After some shaky outings to start the year, the fans were ready to start expecting the worst out of the middle of the pen. NY has never been known for its patience. But after Josh Edgin allowed a BB and a hit in the 7th with the Mets down 3-1, the former Red Sox came in and got two big outs. Credit also to Greg Burke who pitched 1.2 to fill in the middle innings for Laffey’s short outing.


Game 3: John Buck

This almost went to Justin Turner to the chagrin, which probably would have resulted in my banishment from the blog and podcast, but Buck hit a Home Run in the ninth with nobody out to give the Mets a fighting chance late in the 2-1 loss. The Pie Man had three hits, but his one big out came with Runners on second and first. He may have contributed more hits, but Buck contributed the runs. Plus, John Buck called a great game for Dillon Gee and the pen.

Game 4: Daniel Murphy

Unfortunately this was one of those games where it would be harder to pick a Goat of the Game than a PPotG with ugly offense from Ike Davis and uglier defense from the unsurprising Duda and the surprising Tejada. Murphy hit a big 3 run home run to keep it close.

Game 5: John Buck

This one was close. Only reason I am not giving a tie is I decided before doing this that there will be no ties to keep it as simple as possible. One day one award to one person. So while Wright’s three hits, 2 runs and 1 rbis were big, I cannot deny Buck’s 4 RBI day during the Mets 7-3 win. I also am a big fan of a player driving in runs any way he can, so I appreciate getting 4 rbi’s via a double and 2 sac flies.

Game 6: Kirk Nieuwenhuis

This is the award that has been delaying the post for so long. I watched the game live and have taken to putting notes down for nominees. Do i give it to Daniel Murphy, who hit a Home run in the 6th to keep the game to 1 run, and started 2 big double plays? Do I give it to Reuben Tejada, who scored twice and has a great at bat vs Cishek in the 9th, leading to a HBP, followed by aggressive base-running to go to third on Kirk’s single? What about Marlon Byrd, who got the game winning knock vs the Marlins, setting twitter aflame with puns?

In the end, I went with (all due respect to Wright) Captain Kirk. You have to look at the whole picture. Nieuwenhuis missed most of spring training, barely gets on the roster, and goes into that at bat in the ninth with just three at bats on the season. Despite getting a single in one of those three, there is no way Kirk is anything but cold at this point. He manages to get the hit, and has the wherewithall, the FUNDIES, to move to second when he sees the throw going to third. This leads to Mike Redmond making the odd decision of drawing the infield in, and Byrd pushes it past third for the game winner. Had Kirk stayed at first, like many players would have, Redmond would’ve played the defense at double play. With one outs, it is very possible the game would’ve ended with Byrd’s at bat. Kirk pushed the issue. He didn’t relax.

You want to know why?

Pitcher of the Game Scoreboard:

Jonathan Niese: 2

Scott Atchinson: 1

Dillon Gee: 1

Jeremy Hefner: 1

Matt Harvey: 1

Position Player of the Game Scoreboard:

John Buck: 2

Colin Cowgill: 1

Lucas Duda: 1

Daniel Murphy: 1

Kirk Nieuwenhuis: 1


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