Snowball fights, Beautiful Minds & Vegas Baseball

snowBaseball is entertainment right?   I defy any of you to explain what’s so entertaining about 50 ballplayers risking injury and testing their resistance to numbness.  Is the crowd having a good time sitting around in the mind numbing cold for 8 hours of fear factor baseball?   How about those kicking back at home, watching balls rattle off good fielder’s gloves? Who enjoys seeing a power hitter tweak his back and a collection of frozen brains trying to stay focused deep into the frigid night?  Who enjoyed that?


“Not I”, said the pissed off Met fan.  I promise not a single person connected to this in any form can say they enjoyed that.


By chance, the Rockies won both those games, but what the hell was that anyway?  That was not quality baseball and MLB should be ashamed of themselves.  In a desperate display of greed, MLB was not going to lose a penny from this series.  Anyone who had tickets better show up or lose them, all those lovely TV commercials of unhealthy people hacking their lungs out or Derek Jeter posing next to things needed to be run,  and of course all those summer off days and plane fares must be saved.    Hell, the spread was already prepared in Colorado; what do you do with all that food?


MLB does a terrible job marketing their sport in this country because they are tuned out to what makes their product special and part of that is understanding quality baseball is what we all want to see.   If the beautiful minds that create the schedule are forced to supply April games in blizzard ridden territories, they MUST have an alternate venue built in to the schedule. ballsnow


J.J. PutzI’m sorry, but they MUST .  Basically, if the Mets are scheduled for one of these horrid weekends, move the series to a Las Vegas park on standby and play it there.  If the Rockies are sad to lose the home gate, well they should consider the money they saved from not building a retractable roof and be happy with what they get.  For east coast games that are DANGEROUS in April, move the games to Florida.


I don’t want to watch any more of these snowball fights and really refuse to judge the team based on who can tolerate cold better.  This is not what baseball is about.


By Nik Kolidas

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