A Long Week

You won’t see many posts from me that stray away from the Mets – or baseball at least.  After all, you can find blogs of all other topics all over the internet and come here for Mets discussion.  But I spent the week racking my brain for a suitable topic for a post and everything I came up with seemed trivial and unnecessary in the context of what happened on Monday in Boston.

In hopes of finding motivation, on Friday evening, I started the night watching the game and ended up switching back and forth between SNY and the news.  In most situations, you’d need to pry the remote from my hands when a marquee matchup like Harvey vs. Strasburg was filling up my Friday nights.  But as the second suspect in the bombings was being hunted through suburban Boston, I just couldn’t turn away.  This week’s tragedy had impacted me, although as indirectly as one could possibly be impacted.  I found out a High School friend was extremely close to the family of eight-year old Martin Richard, the boy who was killed Monday and I have an eight-year son of my own. On top of that, my wife is a marathoner and we’ve been at the finish line of many of her races.  So I felt as if it so easily could have been my family who was torn apart that afternoon.

Thanks to the wonderful first responders in Boston, the suspect was captured. With a sigh, I turned the television back to what was, I believe, Matt Harvey’s most impressive inning of the year.  Bases loaded with no outs in the seventh and he gets a strikeout, a pop-up, and a ground out to keep the game at 4-1.  I was all set to start waxing poetic about Harvey’s potential, the seemingly electric atmosphere in Queens, Ike’s slump-bust and Duda’s continued hot start.  But I just wasn’t able to do it.  I love the Mets as much of the next guy.  But to me – and maybe only to me – I felt as if I was being disrespectful if I figuratively switched channels and “forgot” about what happened this week.

I understand that life goes on and I know that guilt-like feeling will pass and I know that we’ll all get back to writing and talking and cheering about the Mets.  But not tonight.  Tonight I’m thinking of those families in Boston and my family upstairs in bed.

Here’s hoping you’re doing the same.

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