Game 14-16: Pitcher & Position Player of The Game: Rocks, Jocks, & Laffs

Rockies finish sweep, Mets pitching fails sandwiches Harvey’s domination of Nationals.



Game 14: John Niese

In an 11-3 loss where every Mets pitcher gave up runs it is difficult to single out one guy as being particularly worthy of an praise. While the conditions were unfavorable to pitching, the Rockies had to play in same weather and pitched far better. Niese gets the recognition simply because he did what he had to keep the team in it. Six innings of three earned runs does not guarantee a win, but it guarantees the team an opportunity to win. The bullpen could not provide that at all in what is becoming a frighteningly recurring and familiar theme.

Game 15: Matt Harvey

Were you expecting Scott Rice or Bobby Parnell (not a knock on either with a scoreless inning apiece). Harvey the Grouch, as he was reportedly very grouchy leading up to the game, was dominant vs the Nationals and their ace Stephen Strasburg. Strasburg was by no means bad, giving up 4 runs, 2 earned, and a wild pitch in six.  Harvey was just better: 7 IP, 4  hits, 1 run, 3 Walks, and 7 Strike outs.

Speaking of Harvey being better:


Game 16: Brandon Lyon

Unfortunately Matt Harvey cannot pitch every game, and the 7-6 loss to Nationals is a reminder just how far the Mets still need to go to be a consistent contender. With Marcum and Santana injured and Wheeler not ready at AAA, today was Hefner and Laffey’s turn. Perhaps affected by the layoffs and the pen outing, Hefner struggled in 4 innings giving up 3 runs. Luckikly, the Mets bats chased Gio Gonzalez as he gave up 5 runs. In a perplexing move by Terry Collins and Dan Warthen, Aaron Laffey came out of the pen in relief of Hefner. And the results were not funny. At all.

Two-thirds of an inning, three runs including an Adam LaRoche home run. If the idea was for him to pitch long relief to rest the pen, the short outing made no sense. If the idea was to give an inning of relief, the appearance in general made no sense.

Brandon Lyon did his job, pitching 1.1 inning of no-run ball and 2 strikeouts, but the damage was done. What is frustrating about this pen is I feel the parts are actually good aside from perhaps the last two men on the pen, they just all seem to be either mismanaged or not effective at the same time.


Game 14: David Wright

The Mets bats were surprisingly quiet against Jon Garland, a pitcher who you would think would struggle under frigid conditions considering his repertoire. Wright was the lone exception for the team, going 2-3 with 2 RBIs and a walk to continue his dominance in Colorado in the losing effort.

Game 15: Ike Davis

I am sorry Lucas Duda: One any other day you would have easily made the cut. Ike Davis and Lucas Duda both hit two home runs. Ike was 2-4, Duda 2-3 with a walk. Ike Davis squeaks by with the PPotG honors by driving in 3 to Duda’s 2.

Game 16: Colin Cowgill

The Mets may have scored six runs, but it was an inconsistent day for the bats. No one was particularly strong, and Duda, Ike, Wright were relatively quiet after the strong games of late. Cowgill was 1 for 3 with 2 RBIs.


Pitcher of the Game Scoreboard:

Matt Harvey: 4

Jonathan Niese: 4

Scott Atchinson: 1

Greg Burke: 1

Josh Edgin: 1

Dillon Gee: 1

Jeremy Hefner: 1

Brandon Lyon:1

Bobby Parnell: 1

Scott Rice: 1


Position Player of the Game Scoreboard:

John Buck: 6

Marlon Byrd: 2

Colin Cowgill: 2

David Wright: 2

Ike Davis: 1

Lucas Duda: 1

Daniel Murphy: 1

Kirk Nieuwenhuis: 1



Special Thanks to Sean Engel for the Kiner’s Korner Pitcher and Position Player of the Game graphics. You can follow him on twitter with the handle @SeanEngel05

Posted by Robert Z


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