A Spinderella Story


We went there to stand for Harvey but we ended up jumping up and down for Valdespin. On a frigid night in Flushing, that seemed more conducive to football than baseball, the Mets pulled off an incredible comeback win. It was Social Media night at Citi Field and the timing could not have worked out better. Twitter was ablaze as the drama unfolded. The Mets also ran a Matt Harvey promotion that provided fans with a discounted baseline box seat and orange “Mets Fans Stand For Harvey” tee. I was amidst this sea of orange last night on the left line. The love Harvey is getting from fans at this point is high. He is the Doc Gooden of Citi Field or as Metsopsis sees it, #TheSurgeon. A lone K adorned the back of the shirt and Harvey earned it, striking out 7 over six innings. He wasn’t untouchable though. He was roughed up early in in the first inning, giving up singles to the annoying gnat that is Mark Ellis and Adrian Gonzalez. Ellis has suddenly turned into Chipper Jones. WTF? Matt Kemp then drove Ellis in with a sac ground out. Harvey then dug in and from that point on did not allow a hit in 16 of the 17 next batters he faced.

In the second inning we stood for Harvey while he was at the plate. He strode to the batters box with bases loaded and two outs in attempt to help his own cause. He grounded out to Lily to end the Mets scoring threat and he was pissed about it. He made up for it in the fifth inning hitting a long double off the fence and later scored the tying run when Tejada singled him in. He looked pretty freaking fast when he scored too. The guy does it all. He is a winner. He takes personal responsibility for the team’s chances to win a game the minute the baseball is handed to him. Harvey continued to mow down batters until with two outs in the sixth Matt Kemp came to bat. Although it seemed he was a tad late on the swing, he was able to muscle a 95 mph heater directly down the right field foul line. The ball just made it into the stands where a goofy Mets security guard attempted to catch the ball but instead bobbled it. The ball fell back into play and for moment in time everyone in the stadium and the Twitterverse wondered if we had been Bartman’d. The security guard looked like a deer in a headlights as all eyes and cameras focused on him. Even though he was about four feet beyond the fence when he touched the ball it looked like he was pondering putting his resumé on LinkedIn. Skills – wear red security jacket professionally at stadium, show up on time, typically avoid touching balls that may be in live play. The initial call was reviewed by the umps and was rightly ruled a homer giving the Dodgers the lead. Harvey showed he was human after all. The security guard sat back down and texted his wife that it was all good.

”I didn’t have my good fastball, so I knew I would be counting on everybody behind me,” Harvey said. ”I was pretty happy with my changeup. Looking back, I wish I had used it more.”

The Mets kept up their end of the bargain for Harvey. Mike Baxter, once again proved his value off the bench. He led off the ninth with a pinch-hit double. The ball was laced to left field and sinking. Baxter put his head down and hustled to second as the ball was bobbled by Crawford, who was being absolutely pelted by “Crawford Sucks” chants from the left field seats. Tejada then sacrificed him to third. Murph was then robbed by an amazing play by a guy that looks incredibly like Scott Hairston. DWright then came through with his first hit of the cold night driving in Baxter to tie the game.

Parnell got through the 10th after skirting by a lead-off walk and Buck opened the bottom of the 10th with a single. The slumping Ike Davis took a walk and then Marlon Byrd proved he is the professional hitter that @Mr.MetNFLPROZACH (spell check contributor bro!) told me he was all game by moving both runners up. Duda subsequently improved his OBP to .471 with his 17th walk of the year. The Dodgers then suddenly pulled the goalie! Mattingly believed they had a better chance to protect the run with five infielders and so they went with two in the outfield against the young Valdespin.

”I’m not thinking about the infielders. I want to hit a good pitch,” Valdespin said. ”I’m ahead, it’s time to be aggressive and hit the ball.”

Hit the ball he did! JV1 then drilled a ball to right for his first and the Mets sixth career walk off grand slam. The last one came off the bat of the great Kevin McReynolds in 1991. It’s a Spinderella Story after all. Given it came on Social Media night, I think it is best to let the fans explain exactly what it felt like in their own words.

Jordany Redemptionspin
Best game I’ve been in attendance for! #MetsNation
Just a Jordany Valdespin game-winning grand slam in the tenth inning. No big deal. #LoveTheMets
Oh HOLY SHEEPSHIT AND BALLS!!!!! All I wanted was a sac fly! Dream big people lol #mets
Si! Ahoya soy el hombre!!
Everyone who I saw walking out of the Met game in the 8th must be really regretting their decision. It was a 3-2 game. Such an L.A. move
Hey Mets fans, see you in church on Sunday. Feel me?
@MLBJesus in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ‘Spin

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