Game 19: Pitcher & Position Player of The Game: Harvey Not Quite Wright

Harvey is human, and while JV1 is the Man right now, is he the Position Player of the Game?



Game 19: Matt Harvey

It shows just how great Harvey has been since his arrival last season that a night where he goes 6 IP, 3 runs, a walk, 4 hits and 7 Ks and say that he had an off night. Considering Harvey’s determination for improvement, it will be interesting to see how he comes back after his mistake in the sixth, where he allowed the first walk of the game, got behind 2-0 on Matt Kemp, who subsequently hit a HR just barely out of right field, in an area which would’ve been in play prior to moving the fences in. (Despite the Kemp HR, don’t expect many fans to cry for the fences to be moved back.) Harvey appeared to be mentally kicking himself in the dugout for that. I would’ve liked to see him respond in the seventh, but down two and a RISP Collins elected to use Justin Turner as a pinch hitter, who got a sac fly. Well, just five more days to the next Harvey Experience.

Special mention to the much-criticized and overworked pen. With three members unavailable Bobby Parnell, Scott Rice, Latroy Hawkins, and Scott Atchinson combined for four innings of relief.


Game 19: David Wright

Yesterday game was difficult to find a PPotG. Today was quite the obvious. The most obvious was Valdespin, for the game winning grand slam. Then there is Wright. You also could make the case for Mike Baxter for his trademark Hustle Double, Marlon Byrd who had a big double in the tenth and made a nice play in Right Field in the ninth. Tejada, who made several very good defensive plays behind Matt Harvey and Bobby Parnell and had an important RBI.

In the end, JV1 might be the Man but Captain America is the one who saved the day. Valdespin grand slam is important, but the game was tied, and only needed a sacrifice fly to win the game. The grand slam was the cream on the pie. David Wright RBI single was with 2 outs in the ninth. If he doesn’t get a hit the game is over. You can’t have a bigger or more critical spot than that to come through.

Pitcher of the Game Scoreboard:

Matt Harvey: 5

Jonathan Niese: 4

Scott Atchinson: 2

Dillon Gee: 2

Greg Burke: 1

Josh Edgin: 1

Jeremy Hefner: 1

Brandon Lyon: 1

Bobby Parnell: 1

Scott Rice: 1

Position Player of the Game Scoreboard:

John Buck: 7

David Wright: 3

Marlon Byrd: 2

Colin Cowgill: 2

Daniel Murphy: 2

Ike Davis: 1

Lucas Duda: 1

Kirk Nieuwenhuis: 1

Special Thanks to Sean Engel for the Kiner’s Korner Pitcher and Position Player of the Game graphics. You can follow him on twitter with the handle @SeanEngel05

Posted by Robert Z


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