Games 26: Pitcher & Position Player of The Game: JV1’s the Pinch Hitting Man

Mets losing streak ends at 6 as Jordanny Valdespin & David Wright leads the Mets to a 7-6 win:



Game 26: Bobby Parnell

Sometimes a save means more than others. On a day the Mets absolutely needed a win to stop tumbling down the mountain, Parnell not only shut the door, he slammed it. He made short work of the Marlins and made it easy. I was concerned he might have been too pumped up after getting mad at Collins for not using him the game prior, but he looked as focus and determined as we have ever seen him. In a game where Gee struggled through six, and defense failed other members of the pen, it was good to see.

Special mention to Scott Rice who was the biggest “fireman” of the relievers today, getting a big final out in the 8th with a runner on 3rd.


Game 26: Jordany Valdespin

On any other day, Wright would run away with this. The Captain had 3 hits including a solo home run, and made some beautiful plays in the field. One in particular in the 8th where he held the runner at 3rd, grabbed a slow roller bare handed, and still fired a strike to 1B to get the out.

Valdespin however changed the whole complexion of the game. The Mets were pressing – and who could blame them with the week they had? – and desperate. Sometimes though swagger is a GOOD thing. Valdespin looked confident, and down two strikes he ripped a pitch hard for a Three Run Home Run. As if it released the pressure valve, suddenly the floodgates opened and the Mets scored an additional 2 runs to take the lead. It was very needed as Duda’s two base error nearly cost them the game.

Valdespin is not a polished player. He is not the best defensive player. But he also does not give in on himself cause he has too much swagger to do so. I very much hope Terry Collins plays him more in CF or in RF. JV1 is the Man right now, and he is the KK Position Player of the Game.




Pitcher of the Game Scoreboard:

Matt Harvey: 6

Jonathan Niese: 5

Jeremy Hefner: 3

Scott Atchinson: 2

Dillon Gee: 2

Bobby Parnell: 2

Greg Burke: 1

Josh Edgin: 1

Jeurys Familia: 1

Brandon Lyon: 1

Shaun Marcum: 1

Scott Rice: 1

Jordany Valdespin: 1


Position Player of the Game Scoreboard:

John Buck: 7

David Wright: 4

Daniel Murphy: 3

Reuben Tejada: 3

Marlon Byrd: 2

Colin Cowgill: 2

Ike Davis: 1

Lucas Duda: 1

Kirk Nieuwenhuis: 1

Justin Turner: 1


Special Thanks to Sean Engel for the Kiner’s Korner Pitcher and Position Player of the Game graphics. You can follow him on twitter with the handle @SeanEngel05

Posted by Robert Z


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