Regular Ol’ Jimmy Durante Over Here

Mets Scrabble  The Mets had other plans for me attending Banner Day.  Originally scheduled for the Sunday before Memorial Day, ESPN took that option away by scheduling that game to be a Sunday night baseball game.

Of course, though it’s a holiday weekend AND Banner Day could have taken place at a reasonable hour rather than super early in the morning, Mets fans balked, the team buckled and rescheduled.

No one asked ME whether I could go.  But so be it, I couldn’t attend.

But that gave my husband and I an opportunity to spend the morning together and walk to the other side of the island.

When it was almost time to catch the game, we were by the Bryant Park Mets Clubhouse Store.  We figured we’d drop in and see the first inning before I had to be where I had to go.

While we were in there, Ed found a Mets-themed Scrabble game.  Here’s where the story gets interesting.

He holds up the side and asks me if I notice anything amiss about the box.


Welp, the proof is in the picture.

“Features Your Favorite N.Y. Mets Including: Jason Bay, Oliver Perez, and Carlos Beltran.”

I’ll wait till you stop laughing.

Okay, you can stop now.


I figured we could use this laugh to distract us from the real problems of the current Mets, but also to see that someone in the marketing department of sports-themed Scrabble has a very ironic sense of humor.

Seriously, out of all the players — THOSE three?

Two of those players sucked royally during their time on the team, and one of the players several fans did not exactly warm up to.

Clearly, that was a joke.  Not a bad one.  But a joke nonetheless.

But hey, I figured if I could get some humor out of this…you could too.

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