Ike Ike Away…Ohhhh

I am just starting off slow

I am just starting off slow

Put away the brooms St. Louis. It’s not going to happen this time. The Mets and Jon Niese rebounded for a 5-2 victory this afternoon. Niese continues to have the Cardinals number improving to 3-1 lifetime against the Birds. Thankfully, Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright just can’t seem to get his shit together when he throws against the Mets. He is now 1-4 with an ERA over 7 in his career when he faces them. In the last three years he only has an ERA higher versus Washington (7.24) and Toronto (9.00). He just can’t seem to get it done and that is just completely fine.

The Mets and more importantly Terry Collins needed a good showing today. Collins uncharacteristically let his emotions get the best of him yesterday when he reacted strongly to a question regarding the events surrounding the plunking and subsequent clubhouse non-reaction of Jordany Valdespin. Valdespin is following Vince McMahon’s heel turn rules to a tee. He has the uncanny ability to have a mix of fans love him and hate him passionately at the same time. It is only a matter of time before fans starting shouting Let’s Go Valdespin and Jordany Sucks at each other during games. It’s coming. Believe me. Collins has been handling Valdespin with kid cloves since he first arrived on the scene. It is apparent that the rest of the roster does not appreciate his flamboyant antics and the distractions he provides daily. It became crystal clear that this was the case when the Pirates retaliated against him for flipping his bat on a worthless home run in a blowout loss. No one on the bench ran to his aid. No one even freaking flinched! The reaction in the press was of course blown out of proportion and Terry was bombarded by questions and allegations that he purposefully left him out to dry. This very well may have been the case. The kid needed to learn a lesson and he might have. Unfortunately TC let the wheels off.

“I don’t answer to the fans. They don’t play this game. They have no idea what goes on in there. They have absolutely no idea what it means to be a professional teammate.”

Collins doesn’t answer to the fans. He answers to his owners and GMs. They answer to the fans. No matter how you slice it, fans pay money to go to games to watch their team compete. The competitiveness of the team keeps the fans coming to the gate. When the team can’ t win, money is lost and jobs are lost. Usually managers jobs. Terry Collins needed something good to happen to take this away. Jon Niese just helped him out.


Niese had not had a win since April 12th in Minnesota in sub-zero temperatures. Jon has definitely been on the short end of the stick this year pitching several times in very crappy weather conditions. The sky was clear and air warm today as he put in his longest start of the season. He lasted seven and a third innings scattering just six hits and allowing only two runs. He improved to 3-4 on the year and saved the Mets from getting swept by the Cardinals before heading off to Chicago to face the Cubs. Hopefully it will corral this runaway train and allow them to refocus.

“Every pitch felt good,” Niese said. “Obviously, our game plan was just to keep attacking the hitters. Yeah, it felt good.”

You know what doesn’t feel good? Looking at the freaking box score and seeing another freaking goose egg next to Ike Davis’s name again. 0-5 with 4Ks. Davis is now batting .157. He has struck out 45 times in 127 at bats. 35% of the time he whiffs a 100% of the time. What else needs to happen to get this man a one way on Southwest airlines to McCarran airport? Sure, he hit 32 homers last year after a miserable start. I am not saying he should be written off but he obviously needs some reps. I am not so sure the same u turn is going happen in 2013. He has four dingers and nine RBIs. He only has six extra base hits. He is an automatic out at this point and he doesn’t seem to care that much about it. I just have one question. Has anybody ever taken this boy to Pearle Vision? What the hell is up with this thing he does with his eyes before every single at bat? At first, I thought it was the lights blurring his vision at night. But he does the same shit during the day. It’s not a squint. He literally pops his eyes out of his socket, Beetlejuice style, before getting into the batters box. What the hell could possibly be stuck in his eyes for this long? He needs to be fixed and the Mets offense can’t afford to have him do this in game action. Murphy went into a huge slump but worked at it and clawed his way out. He had four hits today and nine total in the four game series. There just seems to be a difference in the way they approach the game. Ike needs to get right but he can’t do it here. Let’s send this guy a few cases of Visine and fly him to Sin City. Nothing cures what’s ailing you then a little life on the farm.

 It’s the final word on Mets trends, Mets fails, and Mets happenings. It’s a snapshot, it’s a summary, it’s the Metsopsis.


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