Games 43-44: Pitcher & Position Player of The Game: Mets Seeing Red(s)

Never assume Ike, never assume……



Game 43: Jonathan Niese

Niese was the hard luck loser of this one, a recurring theme of the season for the Mets starting pitchers. 6 IP, 5 hits, 3 walks, 7 strikeouts and 3 unearned runs. Believe it or not, it was not a Duda error, a Tejada flop or an Ike Davis brain lock that caused the unearned runs, but David Wright. Yes, Captain America is human.


Game 43: Brandon Lyon

This is the first Harvey Day I ever attended in person. It’s also the first Harvey start I cannot in good conscience give him a Pitcher of the Day. Harvey wasn’t terrible, but he was far from dominant, allowing 4 ER in 6.1 innings, including six Ks, 3 walks and a HR to Joey Votto. He looked good early but seemed to struggle as the game went along. Lyon gets the nod for having a dominant 2K inning with the score tied 2 apiece.

Of course, this game will be remembered for the reds dinking Parnell to death and Ike Davis not diving after a double because he assumed it would go foul. And you know what they say about those who assume……



Game 42: Lucas Duda

On a game with no runs any Position Player is going to be slim pickings. I’m giving it to Duda cause he’s the only Met who got on base twice, via a walk and a double.

Very Notable Oddity: For all the Mets struggles this is only the second shutout.


Game 42: Daniel Murphy

Were you expecting Ike Davis? Murphy was 3-4 with a pair of runs and RBIs while flashing some leather in the field.


Pitcher of the Game Scoreboard:

Matt Harvey: 9

Jonathan Niese: 7

Dillon Gee: 3

Scott Atchinson: 3

Jeremy Hefner: 4

Bobby Parnell: 3

Greg Burke: 2

Jeurys Familia: 2

LaTroy Hawkins: 2

Brandon Lyon: 2

Shaun Marcum: 2

Scott Rice: 2

Rob Carson: 1

Josh Edgin: 1



Position Player of the Game Scoreboard:

John Buck: 7

Daniel Murphy: 6

David Wright: 6

Marlon Byrd: 4

Lucas Duda: 4

Reuben Tejada: 3

Rick Ankiel: 2

Mike Baxter: 2

Colin Cowgill: 2

Andrew Brown: 1

Ike Davis: 1

Juan Lagares: 1

Kirk Nieuwenhuis: 1

Anthony Recker: 1

Justin Turner: 1

Jordany Valdespin: 1



Special Thanks to Sean Engel for the Kiner’s Korner Pitcher and Position Player of the Game graphics. You can follow him on twitter with the handle @SeanEngel05

Posted by Robert Z


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