Games 79: Pitcher & Position Player of The Game: Brown Satin Saves Buck

Mets win a horrific 13 inning game thanks to the Mets bullpen, Josh Satin, and Andrew Brown. Exactly like we imagined during spring training.


Game 79: Bobby Parnell

This was a game where it was very difficult to determine which pitcher should get the honor. Even the pitchers who allowed runs pitched well. Marcum went six innings and held the Diamondbacks to three runs, two of which came off a Paul Goldschmidt home run in the first. Marcum was obviously laboring and in pain, although no word from Mets if anything to be concerned about.

You can make a case for Carlos Torres, who pitched 1.2 scoreless relief after Marcum. You can make a case for Edgin, who got a bit out in the 8th with a runner on second and two outs vs DiDi Gregorius, undoubtedly the coolest name in baseball.

You can make a case for Hawkins who pitched a scoreless ninth to give the Mets the chance to tie it at the bottom of the ninth, which they did.

You can even make a case for AArdsma, although it will be difficult, who allowed the solo home run to Cody Ross in two innings of work. Ironically, the one member of the pen who gave up a run got the win, further proof how weak pitchers wins are at a stat.

But in the end the honor goes to Parnell. In the pressure of extra innings where one mistake can ruin a hard night’s work, he was nearly flawless, allowing no baserunners and striking out one.

The fans on twitter were split on the decision, but most chose Parnell.




Game 79: Josh Satin

I’ve been doing this for 79 games now. I’ve had plenty of games where I had too many choices for either Player or Position Player of the Game. This is the first where I had a rough time choosing both.

The nominees:

Andrew Brown: 1-2 (entered in a double switch with Bobby Parnell in the 10th) with the game winning single with two outs, bases loaded, down by 1 in the bottom of the 13th. About a pressure position as you can have.

Josh Satin: 3-6 with a run, rbi and a walk.

Despite my preference to reward RBIs, Satin is the clear choice. Without the Mets temporary 1B, who is making it difficult for Mets brass to KEEP it temporary, Brown would not have had a chance for his heroics. It was Satin single in the 9th that Marlon Byrd scored the tying run on, with a bit of help from Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero (he dropped the ball, but I think Byrd would’ve slid under the tag had he held it. Then again, the ump could easily call him out on that play). It was Josh Satin who doubled to lead off the 13th, setting events in motion that would lead to Brown’s single.

In addition, Satin COULD have been the winning run in the 9th if not for the mental mistake of John Buck. Satin was 2B, Buck at 1B with 2 outs in the ninth and Quintanilla at the plate. Ex-Mets JJ Putz already gave up the tying run and threw a wild pitch allowing Satin to move to 3b. Despite the fact that Buck as a baserunner is absolutely meaningless to the game, he went on instinct to second base and was promptly tagged out, robbing Quintanilla and Satin at a chance for heroics and the Mets a chance to win in 9 innings. To quote Gary Cohen, Infuriating.

So #HailSatin.


Pitcher of the Game Scoreboard:

Matt Harvey: 15

Jeremy Hefner: 11

Jonathan Niese: 9

Dillon Gee: 8

Shaun Marcum: 6

Bobby Parnell: 5

Scott Atchinson: 3

LaTroy Hawkins: 3

Brandon Lyon: 3

Greg Burke: 3

David AArdsma: 2

Josh Edgin: 2

Jeurys Familia: 2

Scott Rice: 2

Carlos Torres: 2

Rob Carson: 1

Zack Wheeler: 1


Position Player of the Game Scoreboard:

David Wright: 14

Daniel Murphy: 10

Marlon Byrd: 9

John Buck: 8

Ike Davis: 4

Lucas Duda: 4

Reuben Tejada: 4

Juan Lagares: 3

Kirk Nieuwenhuis: 3

Omar Quintanilla: 3

Josh Satin: 3

Rick Ankiel: 2

Mike Baxter: 2

Colin Cowgill: 2

Anthony Recker: 2

Justin Turner: 2

Jordany Valdespin: 2

Andrew Brown: 1


Special Thanks to Sean Engel for the Kiner’s Korner Pitcher and Position Player of the Game graphics. You can follow him on twitter with the handle @SeanEngel05

Posted by Robert Z


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